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KB Comments & PRs by Ron Jones, RKC

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Comments:  Like a lot of pros in my business, I too have been "re-educated" by the simple yet effective Russian Kettlebell (KB).  It is an amazing tool.  When respected and used properly, it is also a highly effective and safe tool that will move you better.  KB strength is built on a foundation of stability.  Less efficient strength training builds strength but beyond what can be stabilized i.e. strength that is not controlled.  If you want to build strength based on stability and control, properly use a kettlebell.  KBs are alive vs. many traditional lifts which seem "dead" compared to the highly active KB dynamic swing patterns.  For more details, check out my handouts and recommendations below. 

Kettlebells are the real deal, but as usual, people are misusing them like other types of exercise equipment.  There is only ONE way to use a kettlebell--the RIGHT way with ultimate respect!  No matter what you do with them, come back to the basic foundational movements and safety then you'll be fine.  I'm using them safely and effectively with my corporate clients--so can you.  Move well Comrades...and feel the Whole Body POWER of Kettlebells!

My Personal Records:

  • 2-Arm Swings: 24kg, 1000 reps, 50 minutes (20 reps per minute @ top of each minute)

  • Snatch Max Weight: 32kg, 3 reps per side

  • SSST: 24kg, 130 reps, 7:54

  • VO2 Max (15:15 Protocol): 35+5 minutes, 8 reps per set (35:00-40:00 was SSST with 111 reps)

  • CP: 24kg, 6 reps per side (dead press), single press=28kg (1 rep)

  • TGU: 24kg, 2 reps per side, HARD style

  • RKC Snatch Test Prep (5:00 Limit): 100 reps with 24kg is 4:15

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(Updated 5.1.12)

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