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RKC 24kg Kettlebell Product Review

DragonDoor Kettlebells & Fitness Products

There are a number of kettlebell (KB) companies making KBs varying in weight from a few pounds to 106 pounds.  The "RKC" kettlebell is manufactured by the Russian Kettlebell Challenge and distributed by DragonDoor.Com.  The RKC KBs are the Pavel Tsatsouline "signature" model KBs--or basically--the real thing.  RKC Kettlebells are said to have better balance and a higher quality of finish.  Please examine my report below for details then decide for yourself.

Ordering:  The only way to order an "official" RKC kettlebell is through DragonDoor.Com.  There are no retail purchases available.

Product:  One (1) RKC 24kg (53 pound) kettlebell in black.  This model KB only comes in black and full iron.  No vinyl cover or color options are available.

  • Website Navigation:  The DragonDoor website in general is horrendous to navigate--one of the worst product websites I've ever used.  They are infamous for testimonial overload and excessive verbiage.  However, this is ground zero for authentic RKC products, so you'll have to do the best you can.  To locate the actual kettlebell ordering page as quickly as possible from the homepage, click 'Kettlebell Products" located on the left toolbar under "Kettlebell Resources."  From here, click "Order 53 lb. kettlebell" if you want to order one ASAP and get out with minimal navigation.

  • Placing Order:  Checkout button is bright green and easy to find.  Once registered and in checkout, the process seemed fairly standard without much hassle.  Standard credit card options are available.

  • Cost:  At the time of this order in October 2008, the cost for one RKC 24kg Kettlebell was $129.95 + shipping. 

  • Shipping:  RKC kettlebells are shipped from the East Coast of the USA.  The cost to ship mine to Atlanta, GA was $44.50 bringing my total cost to $174.44.

  • Confirmations:  You'll receive numerous confirmations from DragonDoor.  One for the initial placement of order and a few more on shipping process.  At the least, they are very thorough on confirmations of orders.

  • Security:  I've placed a number of orders with DragonDoor in 2008 for hundreds and hundreds of dollars.  I have never had any security issues or charge card errors with my orders or account details.


  • Timeline:  I've ordered two 24kg KBs and one 16kg KB through DragonDoor.  All three were delivered promptly in less than two weeks.  I had two shipped to California and one to Atlanta.

  • Box:  Product was shipped in cardboard box.  Box had inner cardboard sleeve surrounding all four sides and bottom and was loosely packed with heavy paper to prevent excessive movement of KB within box during shipping.  The 24kg KB reviewed arrived with box intact and KB undamaged.  My other two RKC KBs also arrived in good condition.

Unopened Box:

RKC Box-Front Label RKC Box-Shipping Labels
Despite 53 lbs. in box, it arrived in great shape.
"Enjoy the Pain!"


RKC Box-Height Measurement RKC Box-Width Measurement
Box for 24 kg measures approximately 12" tall by 8.5" wide.

Packing Details:

 RKC Box-Open Top View RKC Box-Top 24 kg View
KB is set inside an inner cardboard lining reinforcer and wrapped
loosely with strips of newsprint paper.

 RKC Box-Empty View + Inner Packing RKC Box-Empty Box View
Close up view of cardboard inner lining (L) and outer box (R).
Outer box remained in very good condition without tears.

RKC Box-Bottom View    RKC Box-Packing Material View
Bottom of outer box (L).  Outer box was pulling apart slightly,
but inner sleeve kept KB secure during shipping. 
All of unpacked newsprint wrapping that surrounds KB (R).

Kettlebell Surface & Lettering:

RKC KB-Label View    RKC KB-Weight View
The KBs have "character" marks from the casting process. 
No one KB is exactly like the other.  There are various indentations
and slight blemishes on all of them.  Lettering reads:

Kettlebell Measurements:

RKC 24 kg-KB Width View    RKC 24 kg-Handle Width View

RKC 24 kg-Height View
The 24 kg is roughly about 6" wide and 11" tall. 
The handle a little under 1.5" wide.

Warning Label:

RKC KB with Warning Label    RKC KB Warning Label Close Up
The warning label alone was worth the wait and price!!! J 
The label is old-school manila paper with a cardstock feel
and loosely attached around handle with cotton string.


RKC KB Paint Surface
Coming out of the box, the RKC KBs are covered with a light dust from the paper newsprint used as packing material.  The KBs are painted with an industrial-quality gloss black paint.  One of the reasons to pay more for the RKC KBs is the quality of paint finish.  The paint is virtually impossible to screw up.  Cheap KBs have paint that falls off leaving the KB open to rust.  Cheaper KBs also use "thick" paint on the handles.  Take my word for it--thick paint on KB handles that chips creates sharp edges and indentations that can rip up your hands.  The RKC uses such high quality paint that it can be applied thin yet be more resilient.  Basically, the RKC paint kicks serious ass!  Regarding the handle itself, because the paint is thin, it does not cover up little blemishes in the casting process.  Each handle is different.  My first 24 kg has a great handle that is really smooth.  My second RKC 24 kg and the 16 kg have rougher handles, but they are still a lot better than some of the knockoff KBs I've seen.


I have purchased three RKC kettlebells.  Two 24 kgs and one 16kg.  The purchasing experience, delivery times, and kettlebells have all been consistent.  All the KBs arrived intact (although how could you destroy these things!).  Performance?  Priceless.  They deliver.  If you want a NO BS piece of equipment that will last a lifetime and deliver combative levels of fitness, I'd recommend buying a RKC kettlebell Comrades!

Ratings: (1=Worst, 5=Best)

  • Website=2
  • Purchase Experience=5
  • Delivery=5
  • Packaging=5
  • Product=5
  • Average Score=4.4
  • Buy?  Yes.  I recommend the RKC KBs if you're serious about daily use.

RKC KB & Comrade Ronnie Jones
Warning:  KB kids are fast, strong, and dangerous!!!
(Comrade Ronnie Jones, Age 5)

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(Updated 11.29.08)

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