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 Stability Ball: "Buns of Steel" Matrix!

SB Hip LiftSB Heel CurlSB Hip Press

Directions: Perform Dynamic Warm-Up exercises at “beginning” of workout for maximum benefit and improvement.
Pick a safe level; never be unsafe or exceed your capacity to “control” your body!

  1. Hip Lift

  2. Heel Curl

  3. Hip Press

Exercise Figure Tips: If you have an imbalance of quad to hamstring strength (and most people do), then the Buns of Steel Matrix is for you!  This is a great workout for speed sports and anyone that wants to tighten up their backsides i.e. the booty!

  • *See Foot Positions Close Ups

  • I use 30 second sets for the Buns of Steel Matrix and usually only run a person through one complete round which is 90 seconds straight (30 seconds for each of the three exercises) with no rest.  If you really progress, you can work up to doing multiple sets, but I rarely have seen people that can maintain quality after a 90 second round of this matrix.

  • Pay careful attention to all my form comments for each of the three exercises.  All of these plus my "seamless transition" tips will add to the quality of your endurance can thank me later after your butt stops burning.  J

  • I learned this from fitness guru Juan Carlos Santana of the Institute of Human Performance.  JC claims that anyone with weak hamstrings will fix them pronto with this matrix after a few weeks--after doing it myself I believe him!  I highly recommend all of JC's workshops and products--he's a rocker!

*Note: These exercises are intended for "normal healthy" individuals and many are only intended for competitive athletes. 
If you have an injury, or abnormal pain is present, see your physician or a certified physical therapist before continuing your exercises. 

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(Updated 2.25.08)

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