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"1-Arm Negative" Push-Up

1-Arm Negative Push Up-1
1-Arm Negative Push Up-2

  1. Place feet shoulder wider than shoulder width apart.  The 1-Arm Push Up requires a very wide base of support.

  2. Shift center of gravity over the top of one arm as you lift the other arm off the floor.

  3. Slowly lower your body with control using the down arm to "brake" or slow your body as you descend. 

  4. When you get down to the point where you "can't hold on" anymore, quickly place the lifted hand on the floor to catch yourself.

  5. Push back up into the starting position with both arms.

Exercise Figure Tips: Push ups are usually thought of as "arms and chest" exercises but they are underrated as "core" exercises and especially advanced versions.  "Loading" a single shoulder is VERY difficult.  Do NOT attempt this push up unless you have excellent shoulder stability plus good core development.

  • A good way to ease into the 1-Arm Push Ups is with the negative, and a good way to ease into the 1-Arm Negative is to lift a hand off the floor for a couple of seconds as you "shift" your body weight over the down arm.  Just go back and forth lifting the left hand then the right.  Eventually you'll be able to have good control with the hand lifting part and can then try the "body lowering" part of the movement.  An easier version yet is the 1-Arm Brace which can be done on the ground or on a wall.  As with all exercise, just pick a level that is safe and appropriate for your current level, work hard, and improve as go forward to more challenging exercises.

  • For the full negative workout, try doing five on one side then go to the other side and do the other five.  Do your best to go as low as possible before using the other arm.  Go slow with control!  Falling down to the ground ruins the "negative" part of this exercise which works the eccentric contraction.  If you dream of doing the full 1-Arm Push Up, the negative version above will help you get there.  Onward brave fitness warriors!

*Note: This exercise is intended for "normal healthy" individuals.  If you have an injury, or abnormal pain is present,
see your physician or a certified physical therapist before continuing your exercises. 

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(Updated 5.1.07)

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