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College Basketball Testimonials

Morgan Saso
Morgan Saso (center) with Ashley Parnell ripping my "Crossroads" Tabata Workout
July 2007

Morgan Saso:  "I am a Division I post player for the women's basketball team at CSU, Bakersfield.  The Ron Jones Program is an overall great program.  Since I have been in this program, I have noticed that I have faster reaction times and an increase in my overall speed.  My leg strength has gone up tremendously which allows me to get better position in the post.  The core exercise also greatly improved my balance, so I am more stable while I am playing in the paint--it is harder for the opposite team to push me out.  I was really lacking strength in my hips that caused knee problems when I ran.  The "monster walks" and other hip exercises that Ron Jones showed me really fixed and even improved my running form.  Now I do not have any knee problems.

This program not only gives you a great workout, but most importantly is not boring.  I have done many programs that are tedious, and I ended up just going through the motions.  Ron's Programs are at upbeat tempos which give you great workouts, and it doesn't take long to do them. 

I would recommend this program to all athletes who want to improve their muscle strength, core strength, and agility."

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(Updated 11.23.07)

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