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 Crossroads--My 45th Birthday

Ron JonesRon Jones
Ron Jones, age 45, Body Fat=7.9%, BS=0%!

WARNING: This is a warrior page. If you don't like straight up language--leave now.

November 12, 2004

Today is my 45th birthday.  I celebrated by pumping some iron* for a couple of hours.  It has been a day of reflection...a sort of crossroads in life if you will.  What you see above is just straight up hard core fitness and what is becoming decades of living for Wellness.  No gimmicks or enhancement drugs. I train. Hard. Year after year.  Period.

I've had a lot of critics in my life...what an understatement.  It's funny--while they make fun of me and criticize my work I keep kicking ass.  I work hard.  I have a very blue-collar approach to fitness.  It's hard work day after day but I get 'er done because that's what I do.  I know how to train and don't waste time with anything that is not productive. Others can say whatever, but I don't see their asses doing my kind of workouts.  I don't screw around--I get after it with time-efficient and high-performance workouts.  I hang out with fitness warriors that push me to be my best.  There's no time for whining when your buddy is driving you by the ankles up the stadium stairs like a wheelbarrow while you hand walk until you feel like you're going to fall on your face--and this is how we FINISH a hard workout! God I love these guys!

I'm glad I have my health and can experience the BEST in life through fitness and movement.  I'm sad so many Americans are their own worst health enemies as they do everything possible to destroy themselves with junk food and slothful living--so be it.  For those that want to sabotage their health...oh well.  For those that want something better--get up and kick yourself in the butt every morning so you move into action.  Jack LaLanne has it right, "Inactivity is the essence of decay."  I worked on rejuvenation today--not decay! I'm a fitness warrior and can prove it anywhere, anytime, with anyone.  I can be gentle enough to work with small children on fitness or seniors that can barely walk.  I'm also vicious when it comes to making a stand for quality fitness.  No apologies.  Just competition-proven results. 

Say what you want.  Will I see you in the gyms of America? In the parks doing a body weight workout? On the roads cycling? Say hi...then we'll get after it...or you can move out of my way while I get it on.

*My 45th Birthday Workout: (I dedicated this workout to my go(o)d friend Steve Ilg--feel the chi baby!)

  1. AM: Mind/Body work with meditation and YogaToes

  2. PM: Dynamic Warm-Up (After watching my twins all day!)

  3. Flat Bench (Olympic Bar + 90 pounds): 8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 rep sets

  4. Recline Pull Up (Olympic Bar): 8,8,8,8,7,6 rep sets

  5. 1-Leg Balance Drills: 10x60 second sets

  6. Stability Ball Dumbbell Fly (25 pounds): 4x10 rep sets

  7. Tubing Pec Fly (Heavy Resistance): 6x60 second sets

  8. Tubing Lat Pulldown (Heavy Resistance): 2x20 rep sets

  9. Bar Dip (Body Weight): 3x4-5 rep sets

  10. Split Hand Position Push Up: 1x20 rep set

  11. Decline Bench Press (Olympic Bar + 90 pounds): 8,7,6,5 rep sets

  12. Decline Bench Press (Olympic Bar + 70 pounds): 12,10 rep sets

  13. Dumbbell Lateral Raise (10 pounds): 1x10 rep set

  14. Dumbbell Hammer Curl (25 pounds): 1x10 rep set

  15. Dumbbell Curl (25 pounds): 1x4 rep set

  16. Dumbbell Upright Row (30 pounds): 1x10 rep set

  17. Recovery: Sunrider Sunny Dew+Fortune Delight Herbal Tea+Action Caps

Ron & Cade Jones
My Son Cade--Next Generation Warrior Packing a #5 at 16 Months
Check out the studly grip! What a dude!

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