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CORE Performance
by Mark Verstegen

CORE Performance by Mark Verstegen

Performance training expert Mark Verstegen has a great new book on high-performance functional training called, CORE Performance.  Verstegen owns Athletes Performance—one of the nation’s top athletic training facilities for U.S. Pro, Olympic, and recreational athletes. I highly recommend his book as an excellent training reference. 

CORE Performance is the best book I have read for clearly explaining functional fitness and movement patterns.  He also has a DVD with workout sheets and 150 video clip exercise demos available exclusively off his website below.  I've personally heard Mark speak twice; he is a great presenter and passionate about both fitness and Wellness.

This book is clearly written and easy to understand.  CORE Performance covers the definition and importance of "core" muscles, core workouts, performance nutrition while supporting a balanced lifestyle of Wellness.  Numerous photos are provided to show proper technique. Key workout areas are his "Movement Prep" and "Prehab" exercises.  The Movement Prep exercises are extremely important for restoring dysfunctional movement patterns found in most people today.  The 10 Movement Prep exercises are done before each workout and only take 5-10 minutes--I've been doing them and feel great!  The Prehab exercises are "preventative" and reduce or eliminate the need for "rehab."

Movement Prep Purpose: (Key Movement Pattern exercises that precede all his programs)

  • Increase core temperature; elongate muscles actively; improve balance and proprioception; increase mobility, flexibility, stability, and strength; activate muscle groups and movements that have been “turned off” from disuse and dysfunction; use muscles in “stretched” positions that will facilitate strength in new ranges of motion for the smaller stabilizing muscles; establishes and maintains ability to perform functional whole body movements.

Exercise Figure Buy CORE Performance today!

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