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"Sunday Ice Chi"
photos by ron jones

Spring Bud in Ice-Photo by Ron Jones
"Come, gentle Spring! etheral Mildness! come."
--James Thomson, "Spring," The Seasons

Pine Needle in Ice-Photo by Ron JonesFall Leaf in Winter Ice-Photo by Ron Jones

1.30.05: I woke again this morning to the icy winter storm of Atlanta, Georgia.  For a second morning I was kept at home by Nature's cold blanket of ice.  A simple trip down the driveway is not a possibility until later today as we thaw from two days of freezing rain--even my mountain bike excursion to the grocery yesterday for baby food was preempted due to the hazard.  While nearly everyone was kept "inside" by the "bad" weather, I ventured out this morning with camera in hand to see what I could see and feel what I could feel.  I really felt no cold--just chi!  I was amazed at what the universe had to offer about my feeble life when I opened my mind to her lessons.  There is a yin and yang to winter ice...a warrior harshness on the outside yet inside perfectly preserved lies the gentle, or as Thomson quoted above, "...etheral Mildness!" of the coming spring.  Like my tribal Bro Steve Ilg said in his Direct Lines daily reflections...there is no "bad" weather--there is just weather.  Weather is weather.  Without winter there would be no life--no spring.  While my scheduled training ride to the mountains was postponed this weekend I still rejoice in the cycle despite the missed workout--feeling beyond the cold and the obvious difficulty for balance challenge just to stay on my feeble feet.  Winter gives me "spring" today...for that I give thanks.

ron jones

Deck & Dripping Ice-Photo by Ron Jones
"Let us love winter, for it is the spring of genius."
--Pietro Aretino

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(Updated 1-30-05)

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