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 Steroids Abuse 

Steroids—no strange word to our community.  Most of us by now have heard all about the basics of steroid abuse…and the local abusers.  We should start evaluating the social psychology of “why” people, and especially our kids, want to take them.

The National Institute on Drug Abuse ( reports there has been a significant increase of steroid abuse among middle and high school students—young women are the fastest growing group.  Twenty years ago steroid abuse was practically non-existent among teens—not today.  Why?  It doesn’t take too much investigation to find an answer.  Watch the news—take note of irate adults pushing kids to be “professional” before they exit the first grade.  When younger kids are surveyed about what they want from a youth sports program, they say “fun.”  Kids now feel pressure to exceed at any cost—even if it means sacrificing a lifetime of health with steroids.  Don’t expect our kids to be adults—that’s our job.  It’s the job of adults to inform our kids about the effects steroids…not look the other way.  I’ve had numerous young people in Bakersfield tell me there is a serious problem in our high schools with steroid abuse, and many of our coaches know but “don’t talk about it.”  What type of person would sacrifice the health of our kids for a youth sport title?  Apparently some of our own coaches!  Get rid of them.  Good coaches model solid nutrition, balanced training, and honorable work ethic—not steroid apathy. 

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(Updated 12-15-03)

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