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"Total Body Transformation"
by Steve Ilg

"Total Body Transformation" by Steve Ilg

My close friend and fitness guru Steve Ilg of Wholistic Fitness has released his new book "Total Body Transformation."  Ilg has been featured on the cover of Outside Magazine twice and has coached numerous national, international, and Olympic champions in multiple sports.  Ilg himself is a multi-sport champion as well as top-selling author and poet, and more importantly, is a wonderful human being that cherishes the human tribe and nurtures the human spirit through yoga, writing, cardio journeys, or high-intensity "spiritual level" strength workouts that will send any ego-centered and superficial athletes looking for somewhere to hide--it's all here in Total Body Transformation--Guru Ilg has the chi baby!

What a labor of love and devotion for the human tribe my fellow warriors!  Steve's new book does a wonderful job uniting the world of yoga and the Western strength training gym.  This is NOT a book for weak minded wimps or gym rats just wanting a new gym trick.  Whether you seek a Wholistic Fitness path that is carefully designed for a three month journey, or you just want to read an enlightening book that can slowly simmer in the inner workings of your mind, Total Body Transformation can provide.  Steve's book has been a radiant source of inspiration along my personal journey.  I highly recommend this book to anyone that is motivated to go beyond "the normal" physiological workout programs.  Wholistic Fitness found in Total Body Transformation is not a passing fad diet or exercise gimmick--it's a way towards lasting well-being through high-performance fitness and health.

I have learned many wonderful teachings from Guru Ilg in his new book TBT...token offerings of such enrichments are below...

  • Learn how to "lift to elegance" in the gym instead of forcing inefficient and counterproductive strength movements

  • Enjoy the "Rasa Eating Exercise" that teaches you to truly think and feel an appreciation for the food that you take into your body for nourishment--develop a sincere appreciation for those that brought you the food, the plants and animals that gave their life so that you might enrich your own body, slowing down to fully engage multiple senses including taste and smell--change the way you eat forever!  As Ilg says, "Learn the beauty of your foods."

  • Learn virtues to live and flourish by as you self-examine before you act, "If used regularly, it does no harm; When it is abundant, one never tires of it and many more..."

  • Be humbled by the relentless "Beeper Guru" that is a constant reminder of breath and posture!

  • Learn the brilliant simplicity of the "1/3 Rule" for eating for filling your stomach at a meal 1/3 with food, 1/3 with water, and 1/3 with empty space so you can elegantly glide away from the meal table instead of slothing away bloated and lethargic!

Wonderful Ilgisms & Sutra Excerpts for Reflection:

  • "Your body is a master of regeneration, yet how often do you dwell on how quickly you age?"

  • "Consider: A candlelit hot bath. A cup of tea. A good book. A fresh salad. A walk. Now consider: A fast-food hamburger. A Soda. A bag of chips. Watching TV."

  • "Being able to work out is a Divine gift.  Give praise."

  • "You are made from the stuff of stars, let your Light shine! You are made from the stuff of dirt, let Humility usher your Awakening."

  • "Lack of Confidence, low Self-Esteem, and depleted Mojo are symptoms of inadequate Strength Training."

  • "Think of your fitness work as artwork.  It is."

" is not the ultimate body/mind fitness system.  It's close, but truly it is the balance of gym workouts, Cardio, Meditation, Nutrition, plus Yoga that imparts the superior balance of Wholistic Fitness!"
--Steve Ilg, Total Body Transformation

Yin-Yang Bullet Buy Total Body Transformation (Start your journey today!)

Yin-Yang Bullet Wholistic Fitness (Steve Ilg's Website)

Thank you my dear friend and garra brother Steve Ilg of Wholistic Fitness for nurturing my spirit and chi throughout life’s journey the last few years…a more humble and noble warrior cannot be found.  May your light of Total Body Transformation shine BRIGHT throughout this land in such need of the Wholistic path...Namaste'!
Ron Jones
April 2004

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