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"Ode to Muscle Beach"
--Glenn Sundby, Muscle Beach Pioneer

Muscle Beach Pyramid

Just a speck on the sands of history, a little flower born  in the years of depression,
    that blossomed for but a brief time.

It played a part in many a life, both great and small, But like a soldier in battle was
    cut down before its time.

We can all remember well this Camelot of our youth, the joy of innocence past that
    molded many a life.

They came from across the nation and worldly places, from '34 to '59 to see and
    partake of this oases,

To on acre of sand on the ocean Pacific, and to their life a memory terrific.

There was Pudgy, Les & Bruce with balance & grace...the ever ready Moe to build a pyramid base...super Relna & brother Paul...Johnnys Collins, Kornoff, Robinson & Cook...of Starkeys Jimmy & Kay, you took a good look...Bros. Ratner & Ferrar were all up to par...with Tesloff & Taylor adagio on ice...Louie & Carol Lee also did nice...Eddie & Justus a balance delight...the Ferges family 5 did it all right...Thompson & Hill flipped and twisted like monkeys in a tree...and Wayne, Whitey & Delores were 3...Howie & Lyle were also there...and Babe & Lucille were a juggling pair...sisters Roselie & Paula & Lyle & Betsy & Kitty were tossed around...and the Saunders Russ, Ray & Audry were upward bound...there was Zinkin the strong with little DeWayne...and who can forget Marcy & Jack La Lanne...bodybuilding brothers Armand & Vic, plus Eiferman & Reeves on hand with a flair...with Waterfield & Russel, it was a beautiful pair...Wally & Dodie were part of the were Pattys Taylor, O'Keefe, McCormick & Tanny...with Betty & Evelyn named Smith as strong as could be...and Renald & Rudy, Marco's & the Glenn's were something to se...Walt the baker was great on the bars...and Janos the Chimp was one of the stars...Little Lynwood, Bill & Billy, the Know Trio--two boys & a girl--the Hardys--Chuck & daughters 3--a great show and all for free...we can't forget Frankie, Rex, Larry, Al, Jack, Bob, Vince, Vern, Freddie, Don, Gil who were all a part...and Hollingsworth and Timmy who were there from the start...and the Baron gave out the awards to the beauties on hand and Beverly, Mim, Barbara and McCulla were far from bland...there was Barney and Cecil with eye to the camera and so many more we can't remember...the Hollywood actors, the Circus greats, Vaudeville pros all took part in the tumbling, tossing and balancing to develop new skills...from tots to seniors it was always a big thrill...the moms and dads along with the friends that sat with the cheering crowds all were a part, especially Mrs. Williams, bless her big heart.

A happy handstand, a flip in the air, a swing on the rings, a fly over the bars...the beauty
and brawn...the memory will be ours.

In time the sea may wash it all away, for nothing is ever here to stay. 
But to lives that were changed as for new goals they did reach,

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(Last Updated 11.23.07)

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