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Ron Jones: Shape Up Class

Exercise Figure My original Shape Up class was a taught at a community college in Central California. I have now taken this successful format and expanded it to the Atlanta, GA area.  My original college class would meet three semesters per year on Monday through Thursday from 6:00-7:30 AM.  I taught this Shape Up class for five years. The class enrollment ranged from 25-60. Regardless of class size or student ages, we all worked out together as a group. The class was designed for normally healthy people of all ages and ability levels; in five years I never had an injured student with exception to a couple of minor strains. I had students from 18 to 92 years old--it was a great time and a wonderful experience! I met a lot of nice people both young and old and was continuously amazed at what people could do with physical fitness when given the right opportunities and support--these were the best of times...BRAVO! Thanks for the memories BC Shape Up!

Shape Up Class-Summer 2002
Summer 2002 Shape Up Class

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