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Ron Jones: Dynamic Warm-Up DVD Info
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Ron Jones Dynamic Warm-Up DVD

DVD Information:

  • Glass Master Replication VS. Duplication: A glass master is made from the digital master. Glass masters can quickly and flawlessly replicate the original work hundreds of thousands, or even millions, of times and have greater life spans.  For personal projects or fewer copies, duplication or burning is used instead. DVD burning is inexpensive because it does not require a glass master. It is not used for large runs, however, because it does not preserve the integrity of the original work throughout large runs, as does the replication process. Replication discs made with the glass master process has met the specifications for the disc to play in a world wide format of players.  Replication with glass masters cost more to produce; however, the highest quality is maintained through this process. (Reference Sources: & Lightning-Media.Net)

  • Replication Company:  My DVD was professionally replicated by Lightning Media in Hollywood, CA.
  • Cover Graphics: Custom cover by Marc B. Jones & Illusion Studios.

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(Updated 8.21.10)

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