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Mental Skills Training Workbook
"High-Performance for Mind & Body"
Ron Jones Mental Skills Training Workbook
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Update!  I've been using my Mental Skills Training workshop and on-site coaching program with the BC College Football Team in California.  BC Renegades finished #4 NCJCAA Football Team in the Nation after winning 12 games in a row.  Head Coach Jeff Chudy was the 2007 NCJCAA Coach of the Year.  Coaches and players alike have given much credit to my Mental Skills Training Program.  All of the BC players have my MST Workbook, and they are using it WELL! [ 

To inquire about my personal Mental Skills Training Workshops, contact me.

Through education and experience, Ron has learned the essentials of Mental Skills Training that can benefit all athletes regardless of age or ability.  You can now learn in a user-friendly workbook format what athletes from the Olympic level to youth sports are using successfully to enhance performance and enjoyment!

The top five sport psychology mental skills are explained in the workbook complete with introductory exercises on how to get started plus special sections for youth sports, coaches, and parents and Ron's personal tips on their benefits and implementation.  The top five mental skills covered are:

  1. Arousal Regulation (How to "NOT" waste energy!)

  2. Relaxation (Relax & "flow" into optimal performance)

  3. Goal Setting (Plan & organize where you are going)

  4. Mental Imagery (Lead your body with your mind)

  5. Attention Focus (Filter out what is not important & focus on what is)

These mental skills are critical for optimizing performance whether you are an elite athlete, recreational exerciser, personal trainer, or the parent of a young athlete.  Ron has used these skills as a Two-Time Bi-Athlon All American, Race Across America Cycling Champion, Fitness Trainer, and Wellcoach.

Ron's Personal Comments:

After making sport and exercise psychology my concentration in graduate school and implementing Mental Skills Training as an athlete, coach, student, parent, and professional trainer, I have learned the essentials for Mental Skills Training that everyone should know regardless of age or ability in sports and exercise.  It took me over a decade to determine which mental skills had the most value in the research, and more importantly, which had the most value with common sense and practical application.  You don't need to spend ten years going over research journals to learn the basics of Mental Skills Training because I've compiled this information for you and put them together in an affordable workbook format for easy access.

In addition to the research suggestions, I have included personal tips based on my experiences and practical application for each of the five major mental skill intervention categories and youth sports philosophy covered in my workbook.  I have used these interventions successfully from youth sport coaching to my international competition as an endurance cyclist.  Sport psychology is a science backed by decades of research which has benefited thousands of athletes…with a little work and focus, sport psychology and Mental Skills Training can also benefit you!

In Mind, Body & Spirit,
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  • English Language Mental Skills Training Workbook (36 pages)

  • Sections Include: Table of Contents, Author Information, Introduction, Youth Sports: History & Overview, Youth Sports: Philosophy, Arousal Regulation, Relaxation, Goal Setting, Mental Imagery, Attention Focus, Personal Tips: Keep it Simple!, Summary, Reading Recommendations, References, Ron Jones Workshops & Contact Information.

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