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 Body Art
Tribal Tattoo

"There is a increasing trend among certain young people now to get pierced and tattooed. 
Some do it as a "real" response to primal urges and some do it for "kicks"
--they aren't serious and don't know what they they're doing."
--Fakir Musafar, Master Body Artist & Father of Modern Primitives Movement

Commentary: A few sections do not have true research on safety issues--just general information because it's very hard to find any scientific studies on something like scarification or Teflon implants. Very little regulation exists for body art studios and artists.  Many professional tattooists and piercers are now forming alliances to "self-regulate" even though not required.

I'm not trying to discourage anyone from getting quality body art.  In fact, many of my own friends are really into body art of various forms, and I have piercing myself.  One thing I've learned from these friends--if you're going to get body art--do it right through a professional artist.  Don't get body art while drunk, wasted, at a rave, or for no reason at all. 

In my opinion body art should mark a rite of passage--it should "mean something" more than just looking cool. As a health instructor I will also add that body art should be done safely.  Is it worth getting a tattoo if it ruins your health? Think it's your body...and you only have one.  Ron Jones

Body Art Professional Organizations (Self Regulation Policies):

Brochures & Pamphlets: (good on-line resources that are concise)

Hepatitis & Body Art:


Piercing, Tattoo, & Body Art (Combined Articles):

Regulations: (California)


Temporary Tattoos & Henna/Mehndi:

Tribal Tattoo with Heart

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