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Egg Whites International
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100% Pasteurized Egg Whites & 100% Bio-Available Protein

EggWhites-Gallon EggWhites-Pump

For those of you needing a good quality "non-meat" protein source that is easy to store and consume, Egg Whites International is a nice option.  I have used this product and recommended it to my corporate clients.  We have all been pleased.  It will ship frozen to your doorstep in a timely manner.  You can buy the larger gallon size for best value, or get the more space conservative half gallon containers.  The pump delivers a measured "one egg white" of volume.

Egg Whites-Shipping Box
Arrives promptly frozen in box--just thaw and use!

The egg whites are pasteurized, so you don't need to cook these egg whites.  They are not "slimy" like regular egg whites so easy to put into a smoothie, post-exercise protein shake, or even cereal at breakfast.  My orders seem to stay fresh at least six weeks, but the product is usually consumed in less time.

If you're struggling to find a quality protein source that is both quick and easy to use, I think you'll be pleased with this product.  Enjoy--more muscle and cleaner protein!  --RJ

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