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Exercise Figure credo\kree-do\ noun, a guiding philosophy; a set of fundamental beliefs; a guiding principle.

Ron Jones- Cambria, CA (2002)
Ron Jones, MS

Exercise Figure kinesiology\kuh-nee-see-'al-uh-jee\, noun [Gk kine-sis, fr.kinein to move] The study of the art and science of human movement related to sport, dance, and exercise. 

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Exercise Figure My credo in life is clear and simple--to teach, model, and promote holistic wellness to the best of my ability using the truth.  My purpose on this planet is to help people be Well.  At a deeper level, I believe it is my patriotic duty and mission to help America Get Fit and Be Strong--and not just physically, but holistically.  Our soaring obesity and decreasing fitness will NOT help us maintain our freedom and way of life--those will destroy us.  Wellness increases longevity and quality of life; Wellness is High-Performance Health that promotes balanced well-being and optimal why wait?  Let's go for it!

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Exercise Figure Ron Jones has a MS in Kinesiology with a sub discipline in Sport Psychology from CSU, Northridge, a BA in Physical Education and English, is a certified Health/Fitness Instructor with the American College of Sports Medicine, and is a certified RKC Russian Kettlebell Instructor.  He holds a professional clear teaching credential and is credentialed in Physical Education, Health Science, and English and Z-Health certifications in R, I, S, & T Phases. Ron has been a community college adjunct health/fitness instructor, and coached cross country and track student-athletes from first grade through community college.  Ron has served as an ultra-endurance cycling fitness/training consultant nationally and internationally and presented at state and national conventions on bicycle safety, bicycle/health advocacy issues, and corporate wellness.  Ron Jones is also a Licensed Corporate Wellcoach with Wellcoaches.Com. Logo

Ron has served as Program Director for the Fit for Life After-School Physical Activity Program along with acting as a health/fitness consultant, corporate and personal Wellcoach, personal trainer, pre-season conditioning coach/consultant for collegiate football and basketball, health educator, and PE instructor. 

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Ron Jones has received national and international press coverage in Fox News, Bicycling Magazine, Velo News, ESPN, The Outdoor Channel, The LA Times, Playboy Magazine, Steve Ilg's Total Body Transformation, Roy Wallack's Bike For Life: How To Ride To A 100, Mind, Body, & Spirit Fitness Magazine, Disney's FamilyFun Magazine, and Atlanta's Jezebel Magazine.  He and his wife Candas and twins Ronnie & Cade live near Los Angeles in Santa Clarita, CA.

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