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I attended the CSU, Northridge Kinesiology Graduate Program.  My subdiscipline in the Kinesiology Program was Sport & Exercise Psychology.  I graduated in June 2003 and had a great experience at CSUN.

Ron Jones @ CSUN Graduation, 2003
Warriors survive Graduate Statistics!

 Summer 2003 

KIN 699A/Thesis Project:  Independent study to finish thesis oral defense and final thesis draft.

 Spring 2003 

KIN 698/Thesis ProjectMental Skills Training for Youth Sport Coaches & Parents.

 Fall 2002 

KIN 645/Seminar in Biomechanics:  Analysis of current and classical research literature related to human biomechanics.  Emphasis on sport and ergonomic applications.

 Spring 2002 

KIN 428/Aesthetics of Human Movement:  Examines historical and contemporary physical activity movement forms (such as sport, dance and exercise) and the human body as aesthetic expressions and culturally symbolic representations.

KIN 626/Philosophic Development of Physical Education An analysis and synthesis of the knowledge and interpretation of the development of philosophic schools and variants in the thought and practice of physical education.

 Fall 2001 

KIN 605/Research Methods & Design:  A study of various types of research used in Kinesiology, and techniques employed in collecting, classifying, interpreting, and presenting data.

KIN 610/Quantitative Analysis of Research A study of advanced statistical methods for quantitative analysis of research data in Kinesiology by personal computer and mainframe applications. 

 Spring 2001 

KIN 606/Seminar in Social Psychology of Sport:  An advanced study of the influence of social-psychological variables as they relate to motor performance. Topics may include aggression, attitude formation and change, arousal and anxiety, achievement motivation, attribution theory, social facilitation, social reinforcement, observational learning and the competition process.

KIN 699/Independent Study (Mental Skills Training Program for Youth Sports): Consists of a project designed to meet a highly specialized graduate need. Project selected in conference with a faculty sponsor; progress meetings held regularly until end of semester.

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