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"Wall" Push-Up

Directions: Perform my Dynamic Warm-Up exercises at “beginning” of workout for maximum benefit and improvement.
Pick a safe level; never be unsafe or exceed your capacity to “control” your body!

Wall Push Up #1    Wall Push Up #2

  1. Place feet shoulder width apart and hands out in front of shoulders and same width as shoulders.

  2. Body should be in straight line "plank" position from heels to shoulders.

  3. Lower body towards wall while maintaining plank posture until forehead is close to wall.

  4. Keep core braced and strong as you press back out from wall to preserve plank position and take excessive pressure off low back.

Exercise Figure Tips: This is a great intro to the world of push ups!  Even elderly seniors can do modified Wall Push Ups.  For added benefit, keep feet somewhat "flat" with heels down as much as possible so you also get a dynamic ankle and calf stretch. 

  • To increase difficulty move feet back away from wall.  To make it easier move feet closer to wall.  There is a limit to how far out you can move your feet--go too far back and you'll slip off the wall and hit the floor!  When you get to the point of almost having your feet too far back you will be ready for the next level of progression which is the Table Push Up or maybe even the Knee Push Up.  See my Push Up Section for more options.

  • Push ups are usually thought of as "arms and chest" exercises, but they are underrated as "core" exercises. To perform a "proper" Military Push Up, you need to have a strong core to keep the plank position.  People with weak cores doing push ups will shift their butts back (to unload core) or sag their hips (core is not strong enough to lift body and maintain plank position). There are not many exercise more functional and beneficial than the old school Military Push Up, but very few people can do them correctly due to weak cores.  No problem--just start on the wall and work your way down until you can get to the floor.

*Note: This exercise is intended for "normal healthy" individuals.  If you have an injury, or abnormal pain is present,
see your physician or a certified physical therapist before continuing your exercises. 

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(Updated 11.28.07)

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