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Special Conditions:
"Prehab/Rehab Exercises"

Important Comments! I have developed a talent for fixing people the last decade.  I have a very simple way of looking at exercise and movement--I find what is broken and fix this FIRST before performing general exercise programs.  I want people to "Move Better With Less Pain!" and not just workout and add muscle at random.  Too many people in my profession fail to recognize the importance assessing movement.  This being said, there are also people getting excessive with complex and detailed movement assessments.  I don't fit in with either group.  I do assessment, but I don't waste hours of someone's time and money to tell them in detail they are moving like crap--plus it's not good mentally to bring so many issues to the surface unless I'm working for an elite athlete that demands all the details and is mentally ready for the consequences.  With most people, I help them find what's generally wrong, we briefly highlight what needs to be done, then we get on with it and don't drive the point into the ground--along with their self-esteem and self-efficacy for exercise success. 

Many of the conditions below I have researched and studied in frustration because over and over I see the same thing recommended...anti-inflammatory drugs, physical therapy, surgery, and more physical therapy.  RARELY could I find any "preventative" exercises that people could do on their own (meaning they don't have to spend thousands of dollars on clinical help!), and when I did find exercises, they usually seemed too generic.  Granted, there are some excellent physical therapists out there; unfortunately, many of the stories I've heard about PT seem to be more about just checking the visits off the list and going through the motions after the first two weeks.  Like anything, you have to dig to find the good ones.  If you don't have good to great PT, keep looking because you're paying for it!

It's interesting, but many of my clients have had surgeries and the surgeries never fixed the root cause of the problem.  Examples--if someone blows an ACL, they can have the ACL repaired.  Great--so the knee is fixed, but was it really the knee that was weak only or was it something else?  Many ACL injuries are actually caused by weak hip stabilizers higher up in the chain of movement.  If you only have your knee repaired and never fix what caused the knee injury in the first place, you're just setting yourself up for another injury.  Believe me--I've had PLENTY of clients recite this exact scenario over and over to me throughout the years.

After years and hundreds of clients and students at all levels of ability, I've created what I feel to be some rock solid protocols and programs for fixing people with quality exercise.  I can't fix everyone.  Many of you will need clinical intervention--some even before attempting the exercises on my website.  However, I have fixed plenty of folks with previous clinical intervention and surgeries that failed.  I hope you'll be one of my success stories--to "Move Better With Less Pain!"  Fitness IS Power...Let's Get It On!

In Wellness,
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What is "Fixing Yourself" Mean?

  • I make many references about people fixing their own bodies after I work with them on assessment and set-up as opposed to yet more clinical surgeries and prescription drugs.  This reference refers to what I have found to be the absolute best five minutes of self help I can offer--my own Dynamic Warm-Up.  A lot of people blow this off because they think that nothing worthwhile can come from just five minutes of warm-up exercises.  They are wrong.  I've seen plenty of people the last few years literally correct "or fix" their own movement problems with my warm up--and in the process remove years of chronic pain.  While simple, there is a lot of science and logic behind the warm-up movements and form recommendations.  It is truly the best place to begin moving better.  If you know me, you know I don't BS anyone about health and fitness.  I tell it like it is--and that's no bull!  J

  • Biofoam Rollers & Myofascial Release
  • Dynamic Warm-Up: Fixing Movement & Joint Function Start Here! J
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Tennis Elbow
  • Therapy Tools for Self Help

*Note: If you have an injury, or abnormal pain is present,
see your physician or a certified physical therapist before beginning an exercise program. 

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