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Tubing Exercises

Ron Jones recommends PerformBetter.Com Fitness Equipment
For optimal performance & safety,
I use JC All-Purpose Tubing by PerformBetter.Com.

Ron Jones: Tubing 1-Arm Rotational Row
The High-Performance 1-Arm Rotational Row

Directions: Perform my Dynamic Warm-Up exercises at “beginning” of workout for maximum benefit and improvement.
Pick a safe level; never be unsafe or exceed your capacity to “control” your body!

Tubing Basics: Tubing is great for functional and multi-planar exercise.  With some inexpensive tubing you can just about do anything a cable machine can do that costs thousands of dollars.  Tubing comes in different resistances or "strengths" so you can go easy to hard.  Depending upon what you do, you'll need to use multiple strength resistances of tubing from light to heavy.  An advantage of tubing over some machines is that you can add more speed to give your workout an extra cardio kick.  For specific tips and purchasing recommendations, see my handout below.

Exercise Figure View Tubing Tips Photos (Form & Position Tips)

Exercise Figure Where To Buy Tubing (Best Quality & Value)

*Note: These exercises are intended for "normal healthy" individuals and many are only intended for competitive athletes. 
If you have an injury, or abnormal pain is present, see your physician or a certified physical therapist before continuing your exercises. 

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