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 Movement Prep Exercises

CORE Stability/Joint Mobility

Backwards Lunge with Twist Exercise
"It's a multi-planar balance-challenged world, so why not train for it?!"
--Ron Jones

The "Movement Prep" exercises challenge your core to get strong while challenging your joints to open up with more functional mobility.  It is important that you work on improving core and mobility daily so you can move better! Movement Prep corrects improper movement patterns--which will then allow you to perform better in the weight room and on the football field.  The Movement Prep is designed as an active or "dynamic" warm-up.  Doing them "before" you workout prepares you to move better in your other activities.

The "Movement Prep" exercises come from performance training expert Mark Verstegen's new book on high-performance functional training called, CORE Performance.  Verstegen owns Athletes' Performance—one of the nation’s top athletic training facilities for U.S. Pro, Olympic, and recreational athletes.
I highly recommend his book as an excellent training reference. 

CORE Performance is the best book I have read for clearly explaining functional fitness and movement patterns.  He also has a DVD with workout sheets and 150 video clip exercise demos available exclusively off his website below.  I've personally heard Mark speak twice; he is a great presenter and passionate about both fitness and Wellness.

Exercise Figure Movement Prep Exercise Handout

Exercise Figure Movement Prep Exercise Photos:

  1. Hip Crossover
  2. Scorpion
  3. Calf Stretch
  4. Hand Walk
  5. Inverted Hamstring
  6. Forward Lunge/Forearm-to-Instep
  7. Backward Lunge with Twist
  8. Drop Lunge
  9. Lateral Lunge
  10. Sumo Squat-to-Stand

Exercise Figure Movement Prep Summary (How and why it works)

Exercise Figure Learn More About "Core Performance" by Mark Verstegen

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