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BC Football Coach Testimonials

Ron Jones became deeply involved in our spring and summer conditioning programs in 2004. Since the inception of Ron's training philosophy, I have seen our players grow physically fitter and mentally tougher. Each year we have seen a progression of fitter and tougher football players at BC. I cannot say enough to you about the correlation of our success and Ron's training program. I like the idea that most of what Ron incorporates into his training philosophy does not require any special equipment—basically, all you need is your athletes and his plan!!  Ron has been most definitely a big part of Renegade football and our success over the last four years. 
Jeff Chudy (Head Coach)
*Jeff is the 2007 Community College Coach of the Year.

The training and involvement of Ron Jones has helped Bakersfield College produce some of the finest receivers in JC football.  Speaking in tangibles, Ron’s training has helped our performance in three major areas:  1) Fundamentals, 2) Reducing and Healing Injuries, and 3) Mental Focus.

Before a receiver catches a ball, he has to deal with a release, running a stem, and a breaking point.  His ability to perform his technique and fundamentals during those phases is critical.  With those pesky DBs knocking us off of our path, it is important that we have the body control and strength to adapt and react from any particular position.  This is one of the major functions of Core training, our body control.       

During camp in August receivers do a lot of running, which causes problems with tight hamstrings, backs, ankle, calves, and groins.  Every season, players who have participated in Ron’s training program have minimal to no injuries during camp.  New players or those who have not participated in our summer training always seem to have nagging injuries.  However, Ron quickly puts together a plan that helps to correct the problem and prevent it from reoccurring. 

Finally, Mental Focus!  The ability to focus on the important information and block out distractions has been instrumental in our playmaking ability. Another aspect of mental focus is our use of energy.  Being efficient with our energy is an important teaching tool that I stress not only for the games, but for quality practices as well. Ron works closely with our staff, evaluating and instructing us on our energy and how it directly correlates to our performance.
Brent Paul (Wide Receiver Coach)

Ron Jones did an outstanding job with our spring football strength and conditioning program, this is my 20th year as the athletic trainer at Bakersfield College and the strength gains were very impressive with very few injuries.  I have been concerned with our single sport athletes losing some of their athleticism and Ron incorporated strength, balance, coordination, explosiveness and quickness in a progressive program that molded our football players into athletes. 

We screened our football players for strength, body control and flexibility in the fall and again after 6 weeks of our spring program and there was a vast improvement in all three areas.  I was actually able to raise my level of expectations while working with the few that did have injuries.  I asked them to do exercises that in the past were too difficult, and when they did them, they did them with good form and they remained under control throughout the movement.

Ron’s program was new and I monitored how things were going and in addition to the physical improvements, the athletes had nothing but praise for Ron.  I believe this was due to the fast gains they were making and the variety of activities that they were doing, which kept their interest level up.
Fred H. Smith, MA, ATC, PES (Head Athletic Trainer-2004)

I have known Ron for the last 3-4 years and have always been impressed with his understanding of fitness and its relationship to general health for all age groups. This last spring we asked Ron to work with our team and incorporate his knowledge in “core training” in developing the athleticism of our players. We could not be more pleased with the results. His passion for fitness and its application to athletics was a great boost for our program.

We are extremely disappointed to see him move on to Atlanta. Whatever endeavor he pursues will be a success because he believes in what he does and backs it up with time and study. If you are considering Ron in some capacity you will not go wrong. The results your group will see are tangible and measurable.
Brent Damron (O Line Coach, Health & Physical Education Professor-2004)

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