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Ron & Wellcoach Triathlete Client Cindy Wilson
 Ron Jones & Wellcoach "Triathlete" Client Cindy Wilson
Danskin Women's Triathlon Series
Los Angeles, CA
June 5, 2004
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65 Pounds lighter, still counting, & now racing!

Exercise Figure LA Times Press Coverage! (Ron & Cindy Wilson)

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I am a licensed corporate Wellcoach with Wellcoaches.Com. 

Wellcoaches.Com is the only on-line Wellness coaching corporation affiliated with the American College of Sports Medicine.  The approach of Wellcoaches.Com is based upon behavior change psychology that goes beyond traditional personal training.  Permanent behavior change towards a Wellness lifestyle is a process that can be greatly enhanced with professional coaching. 

Wellcoaching is a cost effective and proactive approach to managing your personal healthcare.

Wellcoaching can reach people that are not benefiting from conventional wellness programs
and traditional personal training.

Wellness is for life--it is not a quick fix or fad. 
Your health and Wellcoaching are worth the extra effort!

*See Note: Initial phone consultation is 1.5 hours and $200.00; this is required to set up a comprehensive and holistic Wellness program, Wellness vision, three month goals, and specific manageable goals for your first week.  My weekly rate is $75 per 30 minute phone session.  After initial consultation, most clients use one 30 minute coaching session per week.  The minimum commitment for Wellcoaching is three months which is long enough to get a good start on permanent behavior changes.

*NOTE!  As of 2006, I am no longer taking individual Wellcoaching clients due to my busy corporate schedule.  I am now focused on working with corporations so I can reach more people with the message of wellness.

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