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"Before" Wellcoaching.
September 2003

Danskin Women's Triathlon Series!
Los Angeles, CA
After Wellcoaching & 61+ less pounds!
June 6, 2004

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Ron and Wellcoaches is the program I have searched for a long time now.  I have  tried numerous "diets" and have lost weight and then gained it back again.  Three months into this program, I am positive I am going to keep it off because I am not on a "diet."  I am changing my lifestyle!  With Ronís motivating guidance, he is changing the way that not only I live--but my family as well.  We are all benefiting from Ronís passion for the young and old to "Get Fit.  Be Strong." 

By meeting on the phone with Ron every week he has given me the accountability that I have needed to set goals, meet them, and feel a sense of accomplishment and determination as I lose the weight and become healthier.  Ron has taught me how to improve my fitness by encouraging me to just move more and inspiring me to challenge myself.  He has helped me with nutrition by compassionately talking with me and educating me to eat to live and not live to eat.  With Ron, I have changed my overall health by losing 30 pounds and 11 inches overall in just 3 months.  I have also lowered my high blood pressure to normal.  Ron is truly my answered prayer.  If you are someone who is looking to improve yourself in the area of fitness, nutrition, health and/or stress, I would highly recommend Ron with Wellcoaches.  He has helped me to get "ME" back again.     

Cindy Wilson Smiley Face
Central CA
January 2004

7/31/04: Cindy has now lost 65 pounds, finished a triathlon, and is getting ready to train in September for her next triathlon in 2005--not bad for one year of holistic training!

6/8/04: She did it!  Cindy finished her first ever triathlon and did awesome! She raced the Danskin Women's Triathlon Series in Los Angeles, CA on June 5th.  She completed a 1/2 mile swim, 13 mile bike, and 3.1 mile run in 2:25:50--and she was still smiling and felt great! Awesome Cindy! This is great example of what a person can do when they take control of their own health and decide to change. I was happy to be a part of Cindy's journey as her personal Wellcoach  fitness trainer. She has worked so hard yet has reaped immense benefits with more to come.

5/31/04: Cindy is one week away from her triathlon and has now lost 61 pounds!

5/4/04: Cindy has lost 57 pounds--and now is counting down to the big 60 and sub 200!

4/21/04: Cindy has now lost a total of 19.75 inches overall and is just a few pounds from breaking under the 200 mark--awesome!  Next stop--the Danskin Women's Triathlon in LA this June!

4/5/04: Cindy has lost 54 pounds--the incredible shrinking woman! She's on her way to the Danskin June 6th Women's Triathlon. Way to go girl!

3/15/04: Cindy has lost 50 pounds!  She has lost a total of 14.75 inches of circumference from various circumference points and continues to feel great and empowered each week!  Awesome!

2/16/04: Cindy has now lost a total of 42 pounds!  Her new goal is to do a real triathlon this summer!  She has seen incredible change the last few months...what an awesome experience for her and for me to be a part of her positive changes.  Bravo!

Ron's Comments: January 2004

At the end of 16 weeks of Wellcoaching, Cindy has lost 35 pounds and revolutionized her behaviors.  Her improved health and wellness has now influenced her children and husband to improve their health as well.  She has become a fitness machine and Wellness role model for her family and friends!  Her significant progress is a product of not only the organization--but Cindy's own personal commitment and responsibility to take charge of her health.  Each week Cindy has dedicated herself to her weekly goals of nutrition, fitness, and health.  Her awesome progress reflects her total dedication and the power of Wellcoaching.  Regardless of starting weight, I love to help people improve if they are ready for action and change.  Cindy has been the perfect client because SHE was ready to take charge, improve her health, and willing to work intensely with me each week towards succeeding with her new goals.  Here's to the new Cindy--I'm proud of you.  Great job! Smiley Face

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