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March 2010: I just completed my R-Phase certification with Z-Health Performance Solutions.  I will be progressing through the I, S, & T phases in the months to come. I'm in the process of rolling out some supporting materials for the Z-Health part of my business, so stay tuned!

Dynamic Joint Mobility:  There are hundreds of different joint mobility programs, protocols, and exercise routines out there.  Z-Health is the most sophisticated and precise in my opinion; however, Z is not the "only" way to improve joint function.  I have my own version of joint mobility exercises that is only five minutes long.  I've been using my "Dynamic Warm-Up" since 2004 with great success.  If you want a more simplified introduction into the world of joint mobility, you might also consider my DWU, but in the end, it does not really matter what you choose as long as you take care of your joints and find something that works for your own body.  Enjoy--moving WELL!  Check out the Ron Jones Dynamic Warm-Up DVD

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  • AnatomyWarehouse.Com: The anatomy models below were all purchased off the AnatomyWarehouse site.  I've been happy with the quality of the models.  I ordered a few that I didn't really like or that really would not serve my purpose, but the ones below have all been very helpful teaching tools for injury prevention, Z-Health, and general health education. The only problems I've had with them is that the first order was lost and never shipped after I got charged, and the second order shipped was the wrong items; however, they quickly made good on my orders to my satisfaction.  I would recommend them if you need some budget-minded teaching tools with good overall quality.  Hope they help you!

  • Anatomical Foot & Ankle-Hard Wired

    • This model keeps its shape slightly better than the loose one below.  The downside is that you cannot open the joints up as well to demonstrate the actual actions of the exercises you are teaching; however, it's a great model that I think would hold up better over time if you're passing it around a lot.

  • Anatomical Foot & Ankle-Loose Wired

    • Great choice for really showing how the ankle tilt and toe pull exercises open different joint surfaces.  Downside is that the loose design allows the toes to get fairly twisted, so they end up looking unnatural.  Good tool though.

  • Anatomical Hand & Wrist-Loose Wired

    • Awesome teaching tool.  Very useful for any Z or fitness folks.

  • Anatomical Mini-Shoulder

    • Small enough to fit into the palm of your hand but big enough to really show the anatomical design of the shoulder and how it articulates in the clavicle.  I really like this tool.  I use it all the time, and it's appreciated with my clients.

  • Anatomical Skeleton with Stand

    • Great choice for the money.  Quite a bit of detail--more than most people would ever need unless you're a medical student.  The only downside is the stand which is too small for the weight of the skeleton above--it has a tendency to tip when you push it, so you have to be careful and support it low and high when you move it around.  Despite the stand, it's still a great choice and teaching tool.

  • Kinesio Tape

  • Portable Massage Table

    • My massage friends told me to get the one at Costco for $170.  I was impressed with the quality of the table for the price.  For some occasional use without much breakdown and travel, this table should suffice.

  • Vision Training Equipment (Brock Strings)

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