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What is Functional Training? 

Functional Training is more “real world” in terms of your training actually mimicking a broader spectrum of your daily movements.  Functional Training is useful whether you are an athlete or recreational exerciser wanting to improve general health.  Functional Training gives you better balance and muscular control during everyday movements.  For example, teaching yourself to balance in a neutral or static position with both feet on the ground is a great beginning; however, in the real world you need the ability to balance and maintain control during movement.  The human body must be able to achieve and maintain balance in a variety of different positions, planes/angles, and conditions to be totally functional.  “Functional balance” is dynamic just like real life.  To achieve dynamic balance, you must train dynamically—this means you gotta move! 

Functional Strength is “dynamic strength” you can use! Developing biceps strength on a curl machine while in a fixed plane of motion is not very functional.  You can increase biceps strength on a machine, but this type of general strength does not mean you will greatly increase your performance in functional movements outside of the gym.  The body needs to be trained in multiple planes and angles as with real life movements—not just in a fixed plane like the machine.  Because functional training more directly mimics the actual activity you wish to perform in real life, strength conditioning should also involve dynamic movements that teach the body how to actually use available strength in everyday functional movements.  Dynamic, or “functional” strength training, will also improve your balance.  Functional balance means you will have better control of your daily movements and activities.

Functional Training is very “core” oriented.  All balance and movement starts in your core or midsection; therefore, Functional Training starts with “core training.”  Core is more than just front abdominals—core is the whole midsection of your body that goes from groin to upper back and chest—including sides.  Without good core development, you will not be able to move and react efficiently whether casually walking on a trail or playing professional football.  Good core development from Functional Training will enhance all human movement for all populations and activities of daily living.  Functional Training is not just for athletes—it’s for everyone!

Exercise Figure See Full Handout (explaining more about FT)

Exercise Figure See Functional Training Section

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