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 Jack La Lanne-Fitness Pioneer 

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"Anything in life is possible...make it happen!"
--Jack La Lanne

Jack La Lanne MSNBC Dateline Photo-Beach & Surfboard

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Jack La Lanne & Ron Jones
Jack La Lanne & Ron Jones
Hollywood Star Dedication, September 2002

"The food you eat today is walking and talking tomorrow."
--Jack La Lanne

Jack La Lanne has been exercising for over 70 years.  He is truly one of the American pioneers of modern health and fitness.  La Lanne has been an inspiration to me and thousands of people for generations.  He has a clear message--Get Moving!  For years Jack has backed up his own health and fitness recommendations with daily rigorous exercise.  Jack was recently featured in the January 2002 issue Los Angeles Magazine's coverage of the fitness pioneers of America. 

"Take pride in yourself and have discipline!"
--Jack La Lanne

Jack LaLanne-Barbell Curl

Here's a few lines from the opening paragraph of "Survival of the Fit: The Pioneers Who've Made Southern California the Center of the Physical World" to inspire you:

"Jack La Lanne steps into the hotel elevator and smiles.  Without warning, he grabs the side railings, hoists his legs perpendicular to his trunk, and locks his arms.  He holds the position for five seconds, exhales, then lowers himself to the floor.  The message is clear: At 87, with two artificial knees, La Lanne is in better shape than you'll ever be...Today La Lanne lives in Morro Bay with his wife, Elaine.  He still promotes his regimen--regular exercise and a healthy diet--and works out for two hours a day, beginning at 5 a.m. 

La Lanne concludes, "It's never too late to take care of your body...I don't care if you're 90 years old--it's never too late."

Story by David Davis
Los Angeles Magazine, January 2002

"Exercise is king; nutrition is queen."
--Jack La Lanne

Jack La Lanne-Front Squat

Jack La Lanne & Ron Jones:

More Jack La Lanne:

Jack La Lanne-Lunge Cartoon

"The motivation for me is probably what can motivate most people, including those who are seniors like me.  I want to move well and comfortably, and enjoy the world around me."
--Jack La Lanne, USA Today, May 2000

Jack La Lanne-Pike Cartoon

"Balance is the key to good nutrition."
--Jack La Lanne

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