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 Youth Fitness Equipment Gift Ideas 

BOSUs & Child JumpingStability Balls & Kids
Kids love to jump & play on BOSUs & stability balls!

Fit Santa Skating

You don't have to give kids any specific "workout" ideas--just throw these things out there and get out of the way! Let them play their way into being strong and fit.

"Free Play" Equipment VS. "Guided" Equipment:  While all fitness and equipment probably needs some set up and monitoring when it comes to kids, there are a few things that are good to throw out without much hassle.  A few others can work really well for kids too, but these will require a little more set up or some adult supervision to make sure they don't get carried away.

Ride an INDO Board! ($135.00)  Balancing on the disc alone is plenty for beginners.  Riding the roller will require some more attention and ability.

Buy a Stability Ball! ($25.00-33.00, 45cm for small children and 55cm for older kids)  Great item to just throw out and let me play.  Be careful of the potential "Sumo" charges between two balls and two kids though because they can end up flying across the room!

Adult Equipment for Kids:  These "can" work for kids, but to be honest, they will be pretty boring and short-lived on participation if you expect them to spend lots of time on one item alone.  If you combine these into a fun family circuit exercise program, they can work quite well with some supervision and coaching.

  • Medicine Balls: You can wear out your kids pronto with some ball ground slamming!  Just be careful of teaching them to catch the ball with OPEN HANDS so they do not jam their fingers.  Great for older kids that want to do rebound work off concrete walls too or even some core chop movements.

  • Tubing:  There is not much better than some old-fashioned back rows for kids that hunch over a computer, phone, or smart pad.  Lots can be done with tubing beyond rowing too.  Just be careful they always WALK BACK the tubing after use because if they let it go under tension, the handles will catapult back across the room crashing into the wall or another person.  Be careful around smaller children because of the strangulation potential.

  • TRX Suspension Trainer:  Like the tubing, the TRX can be used for back rows and all kinds of great exercises.  Be careful around really small children because of the strangulation potential.

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