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RonJones.Org is funded by Ron Jones for the primary purpose of community health education.  This website does not have corporate sponsorship.  Currently I receive no funding for advertising of products.

Please use the information to increase your health and well-being.  Original references are provided for further research if you desire.  If you need more personal or specialized training and consulting, contact Ron Jones or the links to other reputable fitness experts and organizations.

The Ron Jones Logo was designed by Willis Design Studios to show dynamic movement.  Functional dynamic movement of the human body is high-performance health!  A functioning human body in movement is also aesthetically pleasing--this is the "joy and beauty" of human movement.  

Specifically, the flames represent heat and movement--heat and movement represent life itself.  The top portion of text is italicized to show forward motion and acceleration.  The background is blue like the ocean...the yellow lettering is like a friendly flower of spring.

Why the tag line Get Fit. Be Strong.?  Because the future of America hangs in jeopardy due to our lack of fitness, and if we don't Get Fit, we will risk it all.  Think it can't happen?  Out of 21 civilizations that have failed in history, 19 of these failures were related to lack of fitness--so think again.  We need to Be Strong not just physically--but also mentally and spiritually to survive and prosper in the new millennium.

Fitness is power.  Let's get it on.  Enough get moving!

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Ron Jones, MS-LLC

"It's never too late to take care of your body...I don't care if you're 90 years old--it's never too late."
Jack LaLanne at age 87, Los Angeles Magazine, January 2002

[Jack La Lanne Tribute]

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The information provided on this site is not a substitute for a physical examination by a professional health-care provider.

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