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 EPOC & HIIT Workouts
Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption & High Intensity Interval Training)

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Interval Training Gains In Popularity
(With Comments by Ron Jones)

I've been doing high-intensity workouts for years--many of those have been "interval-type" workouts.  The shorter duration and higher intensity intervals work much better to stimulate metabolism, fitness, and promote more rapid fat loss.  The idea is that very hard work requires more energy for recovery.  Energy=Calories.  Therefore, you burn more calories "after" the workout is done than other more traditional workout designs--this is also called the "after-burn" effect

E.P.O.C. (Exercise Post Oxygen Consumption) workouts all have this after-burn effect, but not all EPOC workouts are intervals, most of them are intervals, but not all.  In terms of the high-intensity intervals, they are referred to as H.I.I.T. or High Intensity Interval Training.

The Sprint-8 and Tabata Protocol would be considered HIIT workouts.  Both are VERY high intensity with very short timed rest periods.  The Sprint-8 uses the 30/1:30 cycle of sprint-to-rest ratio while the Tabata uses the tighter 20/10 second max effort-to-rest ratio.  Tabata is a Japanese exercise physiologist that researched Olympic speed skating workouts to determine the optimal interval protocol for increasing both aerobic and anaerobic capacities in the most time-efficient manner.  See the Tabata articles below for more specifics.

Precautions!  Intensity is great, but the harder you go, the more you raise the risk for injury if you are not prepared.  I've been able to perform Sprint-8s with clients that have a moderate fitness base--sometimes we modified a bit, but they were fine with them.  However, I would not suggest the Tabata intervals for anyone that cannot kick serious ass.  More is not always better with high-intensity if you cannot control your movements.  There are people that do more than I recommend--from what I have seen it is usually sloppy and reckless, so what's the point? Quality first!  Tabatas were designed for Olympic level training and have taken Olympic athletes to the floor in collapse.  They are SERIOUS, so don't take them lightly.  If you have what it takes, Tabatas and other HIIT and EPOC workouts will launch you to a new level of fitness and anti-aging.  Fitness is Power--GET IT ON!

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