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Mill Creek Day Hike

Hiker & Child


  • Directions: From Freeway 99, Take Freeway 178 into Kern Canyon like going to Lake Isabella. Proceed 14.5 miles from mouth of canyon to Kern Canyon Road. Take the right fork road at Kern Canyon Road and proceed a couple of miles to the Mill Creek Trail Head sign on your right. Estimated driving time from the 99/178 is approx. 1 1/4 hours.

  • Trail Info: It is about a 14 mile round trip hike. Starting elevation is about 2500 feet. Turn around elevation is about 6500 feet. Estimated total hike time is 5-8 hours depending upon fitness level. This trail has NO WATER available! You won't be able to find fresh water by piped source or in a stream. Bring a minimum of Two (2) quarts of water--more if needed!

  • Hike Start Time: Because this is a longer hike at lower elevation, start early in late spring and during summer to minimize overheating concerns.  Remember, there is NO WATER available on this hike!  Start early while it is cool, and take plenty of water!

  • Topo.1 (Elevations)

  • Topo.2 (Aerial)

  • Handouts & Photos:


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