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Indian Clubs

Army Maguire
Army Maguire of Agelesstrength.Com
(Photo by Ron Jones)

Comments:  The Indian Club instructor have I worked with personally so far is Army Maguire of Agelesstrength.Com. Indian Clubs have been around for thousands of years and are starting to become popular again--at one point in America, Indian Clubs were used extensively in gymnasiums, schools, military academies, and even in churches.  I'm supportive of them because I believe they have both restorative or corrective potential plus can be a great workout too if that's what you want.  I'll be adding to this section in the months to come...swing on!

Handouts by RJ:

Purchasing Indian Clubs:

  • Ageless Strength (Wooden Clubs)

    • Hit up my mentor Army Maguire for both light and heavy clubs.  Availability is limited.  Weights range from 1.5 pounds to 10+ pounds each.

  • Revolution Clubs (Wooden Clubs)

    • Nice clubs. Expect delays in shipping and make sure to carefully check your invoice to verify accuracy. 

  • Perform Better (Polyresin Clubs)

Indian Club DVDs:

Demonstration Videos:


*Note: These exercises are intended for "normal healthy" individuals and many are only intended for competitive athletes. 
If you have an injury, or abnormal pain is present, see your physician or a certified physical therapist before continuing your exercises. 

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