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"Inverted" Push-Up: 90 Off Wall

Inverted Push Up: 90 Off Wall-1Inverted Push Up: 90 Off Wall-2

  1. Handspring feet over head and onto wall.  Pay attention to keep back in neutral (or straight) as much as possible.

  2. Place hands slightly wider than shoulders with heels resting on wall.

  3. Slowly lower body then push back up into extension.

  4. When finished, drop one leg down to floor as other leg follows.

Exercise Figure Tips: Push ups are usually thought of as "arms and chest" exercises but they are underrated as "core" exercises.  Inverted Push Ups are extremely core challenging as you work to keep your back straight while also balancing your body.  Also, if you don't have SOLID shoulder strength AND mobility, you won't be able to perform this push up.

  • Half the battle with this one is the acrobatic hand spring onto the wall.  Being "inverted" with the head down is a much different environment and balance challenge if you're not used to it.  You'll probably have to make a few attempts to determine just how far out your hands need to be from the wall to get the right angle from feet to hands while inverted.  If you don't have some degree of angle, you'll fall back out away from the wall unless you are so experienced that you don't really need the wall--Yes some people can actually do this!  To "increase" challenge, perform with only 1-leg resting against the wall.

  • If the Inverted Push Up is too hard, trying working your way up to it with the Inverted "Off Box" or Pike Push Ups.

*Note: This exercise is intended for "normal healthy" individuals.  If you have an injury, or abnormal pain is present,
see your physician or a certified physical therapist before continuing your exercises. 

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(Updated 1-25-05)

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