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Ron Jones: Pepperdine University
X-Country & Track
Malibu, CA

Ron Jones & Pepperdine Division-I XC Team, Malibu CA
 Ron Jones & 2006 Pepperdine Waves-Division I XC & Track

Robert Radnoti-Head Coach
Pepperdine Banner

Pepperdine XC:  Great working with you last Friday!  We covered a lot for an hour; however, this web section will be helpful for your review and continued learning.  Coach Rad and I will help provide future training and will be answering any questions you may have over the summer.  This section is a work in progress.  I will do my best to build new pages for exercises that are not yet hyperlinked.  Train smart this summer--and have fun!  Ron Jones

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Summer Program Outline:

Primary Objective: Core stability to decrease force leaks and injury potential.

Secondary Objectives: Postural, balance, and general strength exercises for whole body.

How & Where To Purchase Basic Equipment

 1.      Deep Spinal Stabilization (Core Bridging)

2.      Hip/Core Stabilization & Balance

3.      Leg Strength, Hip/Core Stabilization, & Balance

4.      Posture & Upper Back Strength

5.      Multi-Planar Core Exercises (Optional if time permits)

6.      Supplemental Sources & Help

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(Updated 11.23.07)

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