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Bea Flores Feature Story (Employee's Spouse)

Tim & Theresa Wren Feature Story (Employee & Spouse)

The RJ Dynamic Warm-Up has been great and has saved me significant money!  I started it in Sept 2006 and do it at least 7 days a week. Before the dynamic warm up: my back and hips hurt to the point that I slept poorly at night. I could never get comfortable and was awake with pain. In addition, I really had a hard time playing sports - it wasn't fun due to the pain. At that time, my solution was a new mattress and my Dr wanted to send me to physical therapy. I worked with Ron Jones in 9/06 and he offered his dynamic warm-up (yeah, just another fad I thought). As I kept with the warm-up everyday, my pain has subsided. I can sleep well and play sports. Also, you guessed it, I saved money by not buying a new mattress!
Joe Nahama (Spouse), January 2008

"I am 15 years old and very active in football and baseball in high school. I injured my lower back and for two and a half months of going to our trainer the pain would not go away. Nothing they would do helped. I played with a lot of pain.

My Dad brought me to see you and you started me on the Dynamic Warm-Up and doing Core strengthening.  The pain was gone in 3 days. I continue now doing those exercises you recommend almost daily and have even shown one of my teammates who was having lower back pain your Dynamic Warm-Up. It has been a couple months now and I can tell my flexibility and strength has improved greatly."
--Derek Barnes (Employee's Son), October 2006

“I finally got to see my neurosurgeon on Friday. I explained to him my desire to build some upper body strength without hurting my neck, and that you were willing to work with me with medical clearance. He was very encouraging saying exercise will greatly reduce my pain. My x-rays showed I have another collapsed disc below my fusion…he wrote a note giving you permission to work with me.

The Neck Mobility Exercises you showed me have really helped. I haven't missed a day without doing them at least once. What a lifesaver for me!  I was shocked that a few simple movements could actually help me. Now, instead of going straight to bed or grabbing extra pain relievers, I first try the exercises. So far they have always helped. Lance and I went on a strenuous bike ride and half way I was feeling it. I just pulled over did the exercises and went on. My favorite is the head ½ roll because I get an automatic release of pain and tension. I don't care how macho you are, pain is pain and it will definitely ruin your day.”
--Donna Holmes (Employee's Spouse), June 2007

“You're not going to believe this, but I just got the results of my recent DEXA Scan conducted on May 31 and my left hip went from -2.3 in March 2006 to -1.1 now!!! That means I went from almost having osteoporosis (-2.5) to almost normal (-1.0). Can you believe it!!!  Your fitness programming targeting my weakened hips and the dietary help from Wellcoach colleague Julie Schwartz, RD has made all the difference. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Of course, the doctor I just went to pooh-poohed my progress because she didn't have the 2006 test results done at a different doctor's office. She told me it was impossible and that I needed to take Fosomax.  I'll have to make sure she gets a copy of the 2006 results for comparison.

I am so excited.  My result goes against all conventional medical wisdom (if you can call it that) in that neither of my doctor's thought an exercise program would work.  Guess we showed them!

Thank you once again for my amazing hip results due to your great coaching!!!  I certainly couldn't have done it without you.  Thank you again!”
--Janet McCrea (Employee's Spouse), June 2007

OAKS (Corporate Office): J

  • (Chris Vochoska)  Following Coach Ron's Interval and Circuit Training has resulted in:  An overall cholesterol level down to 180 (first time without meds); HDL (good) cholesterol consistently above the target of 40 for the first time in my life; LDL (bad) cholesterol consistently below the target of 130 for the first time in my life; No longer taking Lipitor medication.  These changes appear to primarily be the result of the high interval exercising (on a consistent basis) instead of the previous 30-45 minutes of active movement.  Thanks Aera and Ron.

  • (Raj Patel)  I did not take a single sick leave in the year 2007. (This is a good news for Aera - low insurance cost).  I worked out & rode bike almost 300 days (even if my ankles hurt), maintained healthy weight through out the year, excellent blood result came out during the yearly physical checkup.  Most of the above things are true for my wife; I told the same thing to my CIO!

  • (Bob Alberstadt, Senior VP)  I have a long-term lower back condition that flares up from time to time.  Last Fall I re-injured it, but unlike prior incidents, the pain did not subside after a few days. The Doctor recommended months of physical therapy and if that did not provide relief, surgery would be considered.  I met with you, began doing the bridging exercises and within three days the pain was gone and has not returned.    

  • (Dee Gilmore)  At 63 years old I feel like I am in better shape than when I was when I was younger.  I am hoping to live the same life after retirement. If it is one thing that I took away from my meeting with you; it is that you have to eat breakfast and it does make all the difference in the world.  I lost weight and got fit by just eating 3 healthy meals instead of my usual chips for lunch.  I eat little snacks through out the day and it keeps me from overeating at any one time.  It has really made me think before eating and to stop eating when you are full and not to just eat because the food is there.  I appreciate all that you do for Aera.  It is just like the Biggest Loser, you are making a difference in Aera’s life.  Thanks again for your hard work and dedication to Aera’s family. 

  • (Harold Ordnoff)  Although we have not spent a lot of personal training time together, I am inspired by your continuous presence in Aera.  I use your website from time to time to obtain materials on wellness topics and training techniques and tips.  The instruction is very well presented and has been useful.  I believe that with your presence in Aera, it has been key to my discipline in losing 25 pounds and keeping it off, and encouragement for me to work out at least 6 days a week and especially on the days when I have not felt like it.  That is absolutely the time one should work out.  So, not much of a testimonial or success story here, but a vote of confidence that you work can make a difference.   The blood pressure and cholesterol levels are in a very fit range, primarily due to my % body fat being much lower.  I also feel pretty darn good for 55 1/2!

  • (Katie Hogue)  In June I fractured my sacral wing and had a lot of pain and problems in my pelvis and lower spine after I had a had an accident on my quad. I was not able to walk for weeks and had no core strength to even lift my left leg without picking it up physically with my hand.  As soon as I was cleared my doctor and chiropractor I returned to my gym and the Aera gym. Because of meeting with you prior to the accident I knew what I needed to do to get my strength back and get my body back up and running. I go to the gym every morning before work and perform 25 minutes of cardio along with 25 minutes of core exercises. This accident has motivated me and I feel stronger now than before my accident. I have absolutely no pain from the accident and I feel great.  Thanks. 

  • (Brad Freckleton)  I wanted to tell you some good news.  We went to Mammoth the weekend before last.  At the age of 50 I had my first skiing lesson (3 hours), then snowmobiles (1.5 hours) on one day.  The next day involved climbing up hills to come sliding down on dishes (3-4 hours).  The good news, no aches and pains the following day (no kidding!).  The workout system you have shown us plus the excellent equipment that has been selected (certainly including the FreeMotion - Cable Cross) proved worthy through the above test.  Many Thanks for all your excellent help!
  • (Michelle Kachelhoffer)  I would like to say that I greatly appreciate the education and coaching you have provided me that is helping me restore my knee stability to an acceptable level.  Prior to your coaching, I was primarily doing strengthening exercises (squats & lunges), which were beneficial of course, but not providing me with the stability I desire to resume my activities.  I feel that with the information and help you have provided me, I can considerably improve the condition of my knee.  Additionally, the placement of the elliptical trainer in the fitness center has been wonderful.  The trainer is arguably the best piece cardio equipment I have used, as it does not further aggravate my knee nor does it put any undue stress on my lower back.  The only problem is that is has become fairly popular during peak times in the fitness center and I sometimes have to resort to another piece of equipment unless I get there first.

  • (Megan Etter)  I am on my way to my former self!  This is exciting!  Since making your acquaintance I have lost an average of 1.3 lbs per week.  I have lost 27 lbs total.  I am not afraid to tell you I am shooting to lose 49 more lbs and I hope you will be around to see it!  I have implemented simple changes in diet and related habits that have made a difference for my family (i.e. whole-wheat spaghetti).  I set my first weight goal – and with your encouragement and guidance, I will assess if I can continue to drop another 10-15 lbs once my original weight goal is reached.  I believe you when you say it is possible.  I have had coaches before – but you are by far the best I have ever encountered.  Your style is so subtle, encouraging, and nonjudgmental.  You gently walk the employees through conversations on nutrition, exercise, habits and general health.  It does not surprise me anymore to have you walk me in the back door of a confession!  You are smooth!  But getting to the root of the problem(s) is how you help and diagnose a “fix”.  I like your philosophy that “one thing does not work for all people”.  I like that you are well versed in many different aspects of nutrition and health.  When I turn up my nose at one suggestion, you can usually follow it up with something more palatable (whether we are talking food/nutrition or exercise).  I like that you follow-up with me individually regarding my progress and pitfalls through phone calls, emails (both individual and group distributions), and one-on-ones.  I like your informational emails on health, exercise and nutrition.  I like your new website – I’m “gym user” and your response to my question on vitamins was helpful.  I like the idea of the 15-minute circuit workout.  I feel like I am getting something done, and it is SO manageable! The circuits are also conducive to more than person working out at once – a “buddy system” that keeps me motivated.  I like the small but significant changes you have made to the equipment in the workout room.  I find myself using the newer, simpler tools (free weights and resistance bands) and getting RESULTS.  I marvel at my arms – your quick “spot” workout is making a difference.  That keeps me motivated.

  • (Levent Iyican)  You are absolutely welcome to use anything I've sent you or Kathy. I'll be happy to repeat here and to anyone you want me talk to that this is a great health service Aera is providing us by hiring you. My experience with you have been a greatly rewarding one. I've learned a lot and I'm using what I've learned almost daily. I hope Aera will expand these services by hiring you full time and even by adding more equipment and by providing support staff for you. Exercise is an essential element for human health and you are a top-notch trainer.  Please let me know if there is anything I can do to make this program even more successful.

  • (Katie Hogue)  I met with you in late June of 2005. Shortly after I started doing the exercises and changed my diet. I have lost 12 pounds and now workout regularly at the Aera gym and Body Exchange. I love the 10-minute circuit you set up with me a few months later. The core exercises are excellent and really easy. I would have never thought of trying them on my own without some guidance.

  • (Joann Christensen)  I heard about the circuit training in 2005 and I was very interested in trying it out.  I kept saying to myself that I needed to set up an appointment with you in 2005 but didn’t get around to it until 2006.  I started circuit training a couple weeks ago and I am very impressed with its effectiveness, especially for the time invested.  The training maximizes the effectiveness of the time involved by alternating between cardio and strength moves.  During my second week of training, Terri Burton instructed me on the Circuit #2.  Our routine is to start with Circuit #1 then follow it with Circuit #2.  I also started including the Dynamic warm-up to start our Circuit routine.  I strongly believe that we all should be doing something like this as a minimum to prevent injuries due to falls, trips, sitting too long at computer terminals, etc.   Most of our lives are very busy, but it is not too much of a stretch to find 10-15 minutes to do this circuit training.  Also, by incorporating this routine on a daily basis, we become more mindful of exercise being a routine part of our life.  As a result of the circuit training, I have also started lifting free weights at home as well.  I strongly support having you on board to address this aspect of wellness for Aera employees.  My belief is that someday this type of training will be a standard part of most companies.  Thanks.

  • (Eileen McKay)  Having a fitness expert and a wellness coach on staff at Aera is a wonderful benefit.  I do not believe other companies in town that provide a person of Ron’s caliber to assist their employees.  I know friends and acquaintances are very envious of this wonderful benefit.  Ron Jones has helped me greatly on several fronts.

    • Achilles tendon:  When Ron was here before, he helped me recover from an Achilles tendon problem I had been living with for approximately five years.  Ron provided some stretching and strengthening exercises for the Achilles that allowed me to once again exercise and run as I had in the past.  Ron said I would see results almost immediately and within days, I had more flexibility in my Achilles tendon than I had had in 5 years.  Unfortunately, I again injured the Achilles tendon in early 2005 (Ron Jones was not at Aera at the time) while doing an early morning exercise camp with a fitness club in town.  I relied on some recommendation from this exercise group and continued to run on the Achilles tendon.  The camp included hill work, high impact jumping, jumping uphill along with running in sand and mud.  These are routines that I should have been avoiding with an inflamed Achilles tendon. I begin to suffer from continual tendonitis problems.  However, I was not aware of the serious nature of the inflammation and went on to begin training with Team in Training for either the Disney full or ½ marathon in early January 2006.  By the time I began to work with Ron Jones again I had a seriously injured Achilles tendon.  While this is speculation, I feel sure that if Ron had been here, his guidance during the early stages of the injury would have led me to treat it more seriously.  Ron was able to counsel me on the problems and ramifications of snapping my Achilles tendon.  Thanks to his counsel, I sought more medical assistance, which lead to physical therapy.  Ron also encouraged me to consider withdrawing from the marathon and the marathon training.  Thanks to his encouragement, I did not continue to work through the pain and listened more carefully to the medical advice I was getting.  Having someone like Ron with his extensive competitive sport background made me weigh his advice more heavily.  I withdrew from the Team and Training season and maybe avoided Achilles tendon reattachment surgery, loss work time and a lessoning of my ability to continue to stay fit.  Ron provided many suggestions of alternative exercise routines that I could do while protecting my Achilles tendon.  Ron reviewed the exercises I received during physical therapy.  He has also reviewed the exercise routine I am currently doing with a fitness trainer affiliated with the physical therapy group.    He has worked one on one with me on my exercise form during these routines and consequently I have changed the way I do the exercises.  Ron sees subtle differences in form and approach that make a tremendous difference on the impact of an exercise routine. I feel confident that I am getting much more out of the routines I do.

    • Circuit Training:  I signed up for the mini circuit training Ron gave several months ago.  A fellow employee and I do a 10-minute workout on our breaks several times a week and I am very pleased with the results.  I have improved my strength including core strength and balance.  I also have a routine I can modify to do at home or when traveling or in off hours when I stop by the Aera fitness center.

    • Maintaining a Healthy Weight:  In an early one on one session, Ron gave me a bit of advice that I am sure he routinely tells people.  That advice has stuck with me and enabled me to be successful at Weight Watchers and with my overall eating habits.  I have been able to maintain my weight loss. 

    • Ron has encourages you work on just one small modification at a time.  This enables me to relish the success I am having modifying my habits one small step at a time.  When I started getting discouraged, I always fall back on that advice.

  • (Daisy Holdcraft)  I'm doing well and have incorporated some of the exercises you've taught me in my workout.  I especially want to thank you for spotting my hand placement on the stepper & pointing it out to me.  I'd been doing it wrong for months.  I slowly started the correction and I've noticed that my back feels stronger since now there is no pressure in that area as there was before.  Thanks for your coaching and expertise.

  • (Kay Pitts)  Provided the tools and "permission" to strengthen my back through core exercise to prevent future absences and provided common sense and achievable wellness plan and goals.

  • (Jannine Phillips)  Thank you for all the great information you have provided.  For me personally I started stealing your ideas as watched others being trained.  Our group of four has been going for a 20 minute workout for almost a year now, it was really great to get the one on one training to really understand why we were doing what we were doing and how to do it properly.  I am excited to say along with the Weight Watchers I have lost 25 pounds and not by starving to death, or spending hours in the gym, it has been consistently putting activity into my day even if it is 20 minutes.  Hopefully it will be less and less, my legs don't hurt and I have actually taken the stairs on a few occasions over the last 12 months just because.  That is a miracle.  Two things I found to help me personally:

    1. I can't afford the Time or the Fees for a Gym so Aera providing this is the only way I would be able to do this.

    2. The weight watchers re-taught me how to each and be accountable.

    • Thank you Ron for you work on the child obesity that has so touched me and my family and we are working on getting our children up and moving.

  • (Raj Patel)  I like the circuit exercise that you taught me.  Whenever I get a chance, I'll do the circuit exercise.  Having broken ankles, I've to stay at the same level where I am.  When I'm totally cured, I'll go to the next level or do it more aggressively.  Long story short, I'm happy with what I learned from you to keep myself fit and healthy.  I'm looking forward to learn more health and fitness tips from you.

BELRIDGE (Field Site): J

  • (Kenny Benbow)  My wife and I are still following through with the exercise and diet program we started on July 1, 2005 (30 months). We still exercise 5 days a week for 1 hour 15 minutes per session. We found that this schedule works best for us and we don't get burned out with the routine. We cut out all fast food and eat mostly at home to watch our diet intake. Our weight has been stable for the last 24 months, my wife started at 149 lbs and is now 112 lbs. Talk about rewarding herself she had to buy lots a new clothes! I started at 222 lbs and now weigh 170. The biggest reward for me is the visit to the doctor for a yearly checkup; she always commends me on my heath and the time I take to maintain it!  We owe it all to you and Aera, thanks for the information and support you have provided! 

  • (Louis Lopez)  Thanks Chris, For your continued support of Ron Jones, and what he brings to Aera!  I know there are people out there, like I, who are/were mostly skeptical that this is just another canned program for yuppies and a few fitness fanatics.  Ron has been such a help to me personally because I was 'desperate' enough to be curious, but mostly because he just happened to be available in our fitness facility.  "Shoot, it's free, why not?"  As an Aera SRS-Mechanic we do some of the most physically intense and demanding work in our organization;  exercise that tears down the body, and occasionally challenges our skill level.  Yet we very rarely take the time to do the build-up exercises and core strengthening that Ron so aptly explains and has brought to our business.  It's so sad that it took a back injury to slow me down long enough to really notice what an asset he is to all of us.  Excellent trainer and coach! Thx Again.

    • First of all, I want to thank Gene Voiland for finding you and sharing you with Aera Energy.  You gave me more hope than I have had in quite a while, through the education that I received from our discussion.  I have almost been disillusioned by the number of therapists, specialists, and medical professionals that, I have concluded, have fallen into the trap of doing what they do out of routine and simply for a paycheck.  Frankly, I did not expect anything different from you, so I had hoped to be able to walk in unnoticed, and observe you in action.  Was I ever wrong!  There was such a disappointing number of people in the turnout mid-morning that I almost left because my intentions had been foiled.  I was not going to be able to come and go unnoticed, as I had planned.  I am glad now that I stayed long enough to see if you would even acknowledge my presence.  I cannot begin to tell you how wrong I was, and I sincerely apologize for almost putting you in the same category before giving you a chance.  Please forgive me.  You are the most genuine wellness professional that I have ever met, and your website is absolutely phenomenal!  You have explained things to me that I have never heard before... and I have been looking for answers, believe me!  Everything you said made so much sense!  I not only downloaded and printed your illustrations, from the website, but I laminated some of the pages because I plan to keep them, and use them, for a long, long time!  Thank you for this follow-up.  Another indication of your commitment to helping people, and not just capitalism. I shared with the TPR team this morning what a help you were, and your website address.  These guys are some of the best and most conscientious craftsmen and staff that I have ever met and had the pleasure of working with.  Their injuries, if any, are surely the result of being self-sacrificing and so focused on their mission as a service organization.  We need your advice and your experience, if we are to remain mobile and stabile in the years to come.  Thanks again!

    • Just one day short of 3 weeks since I received some personal instruction from you about core exercises, stability and flexibility.  I have a doctor’s appointment this afternoon, and I have to say that this is the first visit since my re-inflammation that I have experienced any improvement from the last visit.  A month ago I was slated for orthopedic specialist and the company doctor scheduled me for pain management specialist.  Today I am experiencing less severe pain, I am taking less pain medication, and my chief complaint is with the withdrawal symptoms from reducing my medication.  The only thing I have done differently is I have been doing the exercises and stretching that you prescribed three weeks ago, and I have been doing them religiously mid-morning and early afternoon.  I have noticed a marked improvement just over this last week.  Still get muscle spasms and some muscle fatigue from the muscles throughout my back that comes from compensating, but my overall pain level has been cut to almost half since I started doing what you said to do.

  • (Ken Benbow)  Last June (2005) I spoke with you about core and stretch/warm-up exercises as I wanted to start an exercise routine at home. My wife and I started on July 1, 2005 with a basic routine of stretch/warm-up and core exercises along with treadmill. We slowly expanded the routine to exercises with free weights with increased distance on the treadmill. Along with diet change (cut out fast food and less dinning out) in 3 months I dropped from 222 lbs to 180 lbs, my wife from 149 lbs to 123 lbs. We currently are maintaining these weights and continue to exercise 5 days a week for approximately 1 hour per session. I recently had a checkup and my doctor was is very pleased with my health, good heart rhythm, lower blood pressure, and cholesterol. Exercise and diets are commitments not will power.

  • (Larry Frambrough)  Thank you for your help. I feel that you have been very helpful. I would also like to thank you for helping my wife. Ron, my whole life has changed due to changing the way I manage my exercise and how I eat. The exercises you worked to show me how I was so tight in the front and how to loosen up my back have allowed me to start swimming again. Once you can start swimming you can really burn some calories. My eating habits have changed now that I can exercise a little more vigorously I have lost 6 pounds in the last three weeks, I love the Subway 6' subs. Thanks Ron for some me the way to a better life.    2008 Update!  You will be happy to know that I was able to lightly steam some mixed greens (Mustard, Turnip, and Collard) add garlic, lemon juice and diced onion,  to serve for dinner.  I found the taste of Broiled Garlic Chicken Breast wrapped in mixed greens quite pleasant.  I have been able to lower my triglycerides from 550 to 170 and my cholesterol from 320 to 253.

  • (Chris Alcock)  Well, I was weight training (3-5x per week, several hours per day) with sporadic cardio (hiking, running, climbing, blading, snow sports and eating WAY too much. At one point I was 205lbs. Speaking with you last year helped galvanize a change I was already formulating. I was just not sure why I was training so heavy, because the activities I enjoy the most are the cardio ones. So, I decided that if I was going to spend that amount of time training, it should be the sort I enjoy. This year I started Telemark skiing so that I can explore the backcountry efficiently. It is a very challenging sport and I don't honestly think I had the strength or endurance for it before now.


  • (Brent Boyce-EHS Supervisor)  I continue to participate and believe in the daily warm up session.  I have also used your core exercises to protect my low back and it does work.  Your involvement in our gym improvement at HB is looking good and it continues to improve.  I've received positive feedback after you present health topics to my work force during the year.  Your attendance and input at the H&S Core team meetings and training sessions has also been helpful to the group.  I still think that much of what you are doing is very much the same as I'm doing in safety.  What that means is that it’s a lot of personal choice and a constant evolution of culture shifts among our personnel.  This takes time.  And many of the successes go without recognition because they are subtle.  Much like accident prevention, as time passes folks just tend to forget the past pain and suffering when it no longer exists.  The body, just like safety will reverse if it’s allowed to lay dormant. 


  • (Tim Rytting)  First of all, I would like to thank you for taking the time to try and help each and every person who you come in contact with. The stretching exercises in the morning are of great value and it helps me get started off on my daily routine. I don't seem to be as sore as I was before you came to the lease. Your information that you gave me about eating something 2 hours after you get up has been of great benefit also. I don't get as hungry as a used to because I was used to not eating anything until 11:30 am. Also you advice about getting just a small amount of exercise a day, whether it be only 5 or 10 minutes helps also. I started out doing that and found out that I could go for up to 1/2 hour without getting sore or my knees hurting. I would also like to thank you for offering advice for my wife, who as you know is pregnant and offering to talk with her on any exercises that would be beneficial to her having the baby. I like the exercises that you have shown everyone and I hope we continue to see a lot more of you around the leases. Thanks again.

VENTURA (Field Site): J

  • (Tim Palmer)  Since I started doing your exercises, a persistent pain in my shoulder has decreased significantly.   I believe that as we get older, we need to "work" at being healthy and your efforts will ensure we are able to enjoy life after work....

  • (Al Mueller)  Starting everyday with the dynamic warm-up at the Ventura Unit seems to have fostered more dialog and teamwork between the staff and hourly folks at the Unit.  It seems that during these 5 minutes a day we are on a level playing field and perhaps see each other more as teammates rather than separate groups with different agendas.  Personally, my workout regimen has completely changed and is now based on the movement and balance principles that you have taught.  I can feel and see a positive difference in my physical fitness.  With these new exercises, I am also able to do more of my workout time at home with my family participating in some of the exercises too.

  • (Robert Radnoti)  I have been using the dynamic warm-up personally and with the Thousand Oaks High School Cross Country team daily for a couple of months now. It is an integral part of our program. The TOHS Girls Cross Country team recently won the California Division I State Championships. The girls included the dynamic warm-up one hour before race time at Woodward Park in Fresno. Coming into the meet, we were ranked #5 and taking on the top ranked team, Buchanan of Fresno, on their home course. Our girls performed well and easily captured the State title. Thank you very much for your work, which I believe contributed to our championship season. Now that I am moving onto to coaching at Pepperdine University, I intend to add dynamic warm-ups. And, I can assure you the entire Track & Field team at Thousand Oaks High School will be doing the dynamic warm-up prior to practice each day this spring.

SAN ARDO (Field Site):  J

  • (Lucas Paugh-EHS Supervisor)  Corporate Health and Wellness has become a way of life and how we run our business at both San Ardo and Coalinga.  Achieving health and remaining healthy is an active process.  This, like many other EHS processes, has taken time to build and is starting to see some maturity.

    • Locally, we have incorporated the “Dynamic Warm-Up” into an everyday morning activity with the Aera workforce.  We have taken vast strides and seen massive improvements in our EHS performance.  Furthermore, we have implemented work out facilities at both San Ardo and Coalinga.  Both are outfitted with various types of weights and fitness equipment again to promote the physical fitness for our everyday tasks.

    • Another example of culture change is the menu transformation of food selection.  With taking nutrition into account, junk and “empty” calorie foods have been phased out of the business in San Ardo and Coalinga.  Those who have attended any of my meetings know that there will be a healthy choice and variety of fruits and juices to choose from.  The so called ‘donut’ era is a thing of the past!

    • Lastly, I have leveraged Ron in front of my whole contractor workforce.  The work groups have been very receptive to the information he portrays out to them.  He is always very well prepared for my meetings and keeps a very captive audience when he is presenting.  Considering a lot of his topics are very cutting edge and real life (MRSA, Body Art), this has taken off and the group always asks when he is coming back to present some new information in the health and wellness world.

    • As a big promoter of the process, we will continue to use and implement health and wellness at San Ardo and Coalinga.  On a daily basis, I hear from my employees the positive feedback of what the process is doing for them.  As we move into another exciting year, ergonomics/health/wellness is a focus area for us and we are looking forward to working with Ron to meet our goals in good health. 

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