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 Active Senior Testimonials

 "How old would you be if you didn't know how old you were?"
 --Satchel Paige

Active Seniors Cliff and Steven with Ron Jones
Active Seniors Cliff & Steven with Ron Jones

Gene B: (July 2000,  Central CA)  Ron Jones knows what he is teaching.  This is all the more important because of the participant "mix" of the Shape Up class.  I estimate that the class is comprised of approximately one-third college students and two-thirds "senior" citizens.  Giving this "mix" his constant attention, Mr. Jones provides appropriate modeling of each exercise, explanations of why the exercise should be done properly, and detailed descriptions of what will happen if the exercise id done improperly.  In addition, Ron provides proper encouragement to the group and makes available the latest research on the importance of exercise.  All students in the class very well receive his personal anecdotes and professional demeanor.  I have noticed, in the weight room after the stretching exercise have been completed, the interaction between Mr. Jones and individual students.  He is not one of those instructors who sits behind the desk and does nothing; Ron is constantly on the move.  He walks around the room providing invaluable suggestions and ides to those in need.  He then stays with the person to ensure that the exercise is properly accomplished and/or the machine properly used.  When he is not instructing, he is straightening equipment.  In fact, during my twenty-five minute "walk" on the treadmill machine or the thirty minutes on various weight machines,  I have learned a lot simply observing and listening to Ron as he instructs others.  Mr. Jones would be an excellent addition to a program.  He maintains the necessary background and expertise necessary to meet escalating needs of diverse populations and the ever-growing population known as seniors. 

John BoydstunI have taken two fitness courses from Mr. Ron Jones.  As an 82 year old student of his, I would like to point out that Mr. Jones is an excellent instructor.  I believe that 100% of the seniors in the class would agree with me.  I believe we seniors all have much better health than when we began the program.  I would enthusiastically recommend Mr. Jones for any fitness position for which he deems himself qualified.

Abram GI have been a member of the Shape Up Class since 1986.  We have had several instructors in the years past.  I believe that Mr. Ron Jones was the most "professional like" instructor of the many we had and would be a hard man to replace.  I am a senior and had my 91st birthday last April.  I believe the Shape Up Program has helped my feeling fit. 

Cliff HI am currently enrolled in the Shape Up physical fitness class taught by Ron Jones.  Shape Up attracts people of all ages, including senior citizens like myself, who are interested in improving their fitness level and quality of life.  Ron does an excellent job at keeping the class pertinent for all ages; it is enjoyable and beneficial, challenging to everyone and therefore has become a very popular class.  He is highly skilled communicator and an enthusiastic instructor.  During the course of the class, Ron imparts valuable information including current data on health, nutrition and physical fitness.  He is a motivator and can instill the desire to always improve, not only in the are of fitness, but in other areas as well.  There has been a great deal of respect and interest generated in this program due to Ron's involvement.  He would, in my opinion, be an asset to any future program.  Thank you for your consideration of his excellent qualifications and credentials.

Carol KAs a senior in Ron Jones' Shape Up Class, I have found his education and certification to play an important part as he shares his knowledge of good nutrition, proper use and names of body parts with correct exercise for each of these.  Ron's encouragement has brought improvement in skill level to all students, regardless of age.  Handouts given to the class keep his teaching information right in our home.  His frequent expression "to keep challenging ourselves" is one to remember.  

Lodema KI would like to recommend Ron Jones as a teacher in his field of exercise, sports, and health.  I have been one of Ron's senior Shape Up class students for several semesters and have benefited greatly.  Ron is diligent and enthusiastic in keeping up with the latest things and in presenting them to his students.

Jean LAs a senior, plodding along happily and productively in Shape Up for about eighteen years, I feel Ron Jones has been one of the most outstanding instructors of the class as he:

  • expects much from us, as students

  • adapts his instruction to the wide range of abilities evident and encourages all of us "to keep moving"

  • is enthusiastic about fitness in all age groups and updates us daily from his own research in matters of health and fitness

By now, we are all considerably more aware of the many pluses of keeping fit thanks to his enthusiasm for his chosen field of education--he truly "walks the talk" and works at so doing.

Jerry LRon is good at what he does!  Because he truly believes in the value of physical fitness, his commitment and enthusiasm simply burst out of him.  He is committed to being totally up-to-date on the latest experiments, discoveries, and theories, but he doesn't chase new gimmicks just because they are new.  He has solid grounding in the physiology of exercise and health and applies that to the latest information.  He does an outstanding job of summarizing his findings for the Shape Up class to keep us growing.  In previous semesters under other instructors we tended to get into a comfortable rut.  It was a good rut, but it didn't challenge and stretch us.  Ron himself has developed tremendously during the semesters he has been with us.  He has moved from the rut he took over and, with increasing self-confidence and excitement, has grown to challenge both his students and himself to exercise in a more functional way and to grow toward overall good health.  He has an excitement to him that is catching.  One of his great gifts is that he is able to appeal to all ages and is able to comfortably encourage each person (whether 17 or 70) to work at his or her appropriate level and push to do a little more each day.  This is not easy to pull off in a class of such mixed ages and physical abilities, but Ron does it very smoothly and no one feels put down or embarrassed.  The fact that so many seniors have stuck with the class as he challenges us more and more and moves us out of our comfortable ruts is a tribute to how well he pulls it off.  I would say the same thing of the young, strong male students who are not put off by being in an exercise class with a bunch of seniors because they too are challenged and led by Ron to become more fit.  Ron Jones has become a very good teaching and a fine person.

Eileen MI have been enrolled in the Shape Up Program for approximately ten years.  During this time there have been several instructors and Ron Jones has been by far the best.  Ron's program has changed over the years, with improvements as his knowledge has increased.  With each improvement those of us in the class become able to do more, or at least, do not regress.  There are people in the class ranging from beginning college students to well into the eighties.  All of do the same routines--some better than others.  This program has been an enormous benefit to me.  I am now 77 years old and am still working part time.  I feel the credit for this goes largely to Ron's functional training.  I highly recommend him for any position he should desire in the field of physical fitness.

Joe MI have been coming to the Shape Up Class since January 1982.  Ron Jones is the only true instructor that has taught this class.  He has gone out of his way to get the most up to date exercise and fitness information.  He is the only instructor that has not used someone else to lead the warm-up exercises.  All the rest have sat around on their rear ends and let their assistant run the warm-up.  I think he is the only true fitness instructor the college has ever had.

Hazel RThis is to recommend to you, Ron Jones, a certified and highly qualified Health and Physical Fitness Instructor.  For the past three years, I have had the privilege of being a member of Ron's physical fitness Shape Up class.  During this time, thanks to his instruction, I have seen my own physical abilities steadily improve.  Ron does more than merely lead his students through a series of exercises.  He thoroughly explains what each exercise is supposed to accomplish and demonstrates the correct way to do it.  He also keeps us up with current trends and brings us information about any new philosophies in the fitness field.  In addition, Ron is concerned with the progress of each and every participant in his class.  As a senior citizen, this has been very important to me in helping me keep alive, physically able and alert.  All in all, I highly recommend Ron Jones to you for consideration.

Steven SI am a 69 year old man.  I have been part of the Shape Up Fitness Exercise Program for 14 plus years.  I have tapered, added muscle, and increased my stamina.  I still lift weights, swim, do warm-ups, yoga, and can walk a brisk 2 miles.  In spite of a stroke 7 years ago and a hip-replacement 10 years ago, the program was geared to my needs and free, because it was a community college and had a goal of wellness for limited income, social security, seniors.  In 1994 I met Ron Jones, who has become our fitness trainer and confidant.  His knowledge, leadership and teaching skills were very important to kept he program and sustain it.  He alone kept it all year long and kept all facilities up and used.  No other athletic program got so much from its senior wellness conception.  The program improved its content and cut its costs under a careful management style of Mr. Jones.  A healthy American is an asset to the community.

Arlene WMy husband and I have been taking the Shape Up class for many years.  The last few years, Ron Jones has been our Health and Fitness Instructor.  Ron is the best in the field of Health and Fitness.  He has introduced our class to the latest in exercise and health tips and has encouraged each and every one of us to think fitness and better health.  It is amazing to see the results.  He just would not give up on us.  My husband and I are both seniors and have learned so much from Ron, as have all the other students, young or old.  He has the capacity to to work with all ages in one class.  That impresses me.  If anyone mentions to me that he or she needs to get into shape, I always recommend Ron.  I know that Ron does many things in the community but these are the things that I am personally involved in.

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