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Ron Jones: History of Fitness

Fitness is nothing new--just ignored.  Out of the 21 major civilizations that have failed in history--19 failed due to lack of physical fitness.  Think it can't happen in America? Think again--before it's too late. 
Get up. Get off the couch--and GET MOVING!  --Ron Jones

"Dumbbell Charge" & Dioclesian Lewis, Circa 1865
A Gymnastic Charge (Dioclesian Lewis, Circa 1865)

 "Not less than two hours a day should be devoted to exercise,
and the weather shall be little regarded. 
 If the body is feeble, the mind will not be strong."
 --Thomas Jefferson

Exercise Figure Muscle Beach-Modern American Fitness Revolution

Exercise Figure Jack LaLanne Tribute

Exercise Figure Fitness History Articles & Websites:

"Exercises for the Calisthenic Hall" (Catherine Beecher, Circa 1860)
Exercises for the Calisthenic Hall (Catherine Beecher, Circa 1860)

 "Physical fitness is the basis for all other forms of excellence."
 --John F. Kennedy

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