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 Planes of Motion

 Planes of Motion

Figure 1. Planes of Motion

Here's the anatomical position again!  The dividers represent the dynamic planes of motion that the human body is capable of moving throughout in daily activities.  The basic planes of motion are:

  1. Frontal Plane (left to right movements)

  2. Sagittal Plane (front to back movements)

  3. Transverse Plane (cross section movements)

*Remember a "modified" version of the anatomical position (palms towards body) is used to begin static and inner zone balance exercises.

Angles of Motion

Figure 2. Diagonal Rotation and Angles of Joint Motion

The body can also move with diagonal rotation as seen in Figure 2. Item B above.  Optimal Functional Training combines all three planes of motion to emphasize "triplanar" movements.  Triplanar movements are functional "real world" movements!  Training in only one fixed plane is not as functional in terms of actual human movement.  

Fixed plane exercises are good to start, but the ultimate goal is to move through the functional continuum towards more multi-plane and dynamic movements.  

Dynamic Multi-Planar Movement!

Figure 3. Dynamic Movement!

This is dynamic human movement in a multi-planar environment!

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