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My Health e-News goal is to provide practical health information you can read in five minutes or less. Some articles will have links for additional reading, but the basic newsletter will be short, tight, and many times FUN!  At times, I'll hit hard because saving America is serious business.  We are too overweight and too out of shape.  I did not cause the current state of ILLness in America, but I'm here to help fix it!  I'm the first to offer a solution for ANYONE that is ready to get in shape and eat healthier--no matter what the population--young, old, fit, out of shape, disabled, or athlete.  If you want to move, I'm here to help you!!!

Regular sections will be posted on current health news, kid fitness, "Fast Five" Exercises, nutrition, and mental skills training along with special features.  Enjoy the good words of health--then GET MOVING!

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