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Ron Jones Dynamic Warm-UpTM
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Thousand Oaks Girls XC 2005 State Champs
Thousand Oaks Girls XC-2005 California State Champions
 Tuned for High-Performance with the Ron Jones Dynamic Warm-Up!

GET READY TO RUMBLE Dynamic Warm-Up--stretching with movement--boosts circulation and elongates your muscles so your body is ready to roll.  Coach Ron Jones' Dynamic Warm-UpTM, offers a smart sequence of 10 moves that'll improve your trunk and leg mobility, and make you feel great.  Once you've got it down, it takes only five minutes to do. 

Selene Yeager, "FITChick" Expert, USA Cycling Coach
Bicycling Magazine
November 2006

  • Atlanta Sports & Fitness Magazine Review

  • I know I sent you a thank you  email shortly after I received your DVD but I just can't help letting you know what a difference this has made in my health & well being. This is part of my morning ritual and has made significant difference in my workday physical "sitting " demands .  Prior to starting your program I had some basic stretches I would do for my hips & neck due to some old injuries and a long athletic history. But they were not doing the job as longer sitting hours in front of the computer became part of my work routine. My Coach Blaine Wilson recommended your DVD….and the rest of the story is a big thank you to both of you. I recently worked for a company that provided some workmen's comp services and I am sure these warm up exercises before everyone starts their shift would make significant health improvements and decrease injuries for the self insured employer. Companies where employees sit. lift, stand, all day could all benefit. With many companies adding onsite wellness services I think you have a train the trainer niche with this all standing program. Of course your other programs have their place when all suited up  for a real workout.  Since I am pretty athletic I only needed to watch the video a few times. I then printed from your web site the over all view of the positions and have that in front of me incase I forget the order. I also carry a copy in my purse for when I am traveling. There are days I do these more than once depending on my physical demands or aches & pains.  Joyful and fit at 55, Debi Jefferson RN, BSN-Seattle, WA

  • I got your Dynamic Warm-Up DVD and I think it's excellent! You come across as the honest, reasonable, intelligent guy that you are and the production qualities are top-notch, including the packaging. I reviewed the actual warm-up and I believe, as a long-time fitness professional and endurance athlete, that it's a 100% effective, simple AND powerful program for the start of any workout, game, race, or just first thing in the morning. We will be utilizing this program each morning at our CORPS Camp events in Death Valley and beyond. I salute and thank you for this fine effort! Chris Kostman-Los Angeles, CA (President/AdventureCORPS, Elite Pro Endurance Athlete, Race Promoter, Author, Community Activist)

  • I am 15 years old and very active in football and baseball in high school. I injured my lower back and for two and a half months of going to our trainer the pain would not go away. Nothing they would do helped. I played with a lot of pain.  My Dad brought me to see you and you started me on the Dynamic Warm-Up and doing Core strengthening.  The pain was gone in 3 days. I continue now doing those exercises you recommend almost daily and have even shown one of my teammates who was having lower back pain your Dynamic Warm-Up. It has been a couple months now and I can tell my flexibility and strength has improved greatly.  Derek Barnes, California

  • GREEEEEEEEEAT Job! The video was excellent. I am so glad I purchased it because it explained the progression of each exercise and you did a wonderful job keeping it simple...The pace of each description was excellent.  The video was tastefully done--the graphics copy and the editing music all was great. I have seen many videos, and I have to say yours was one of the best...I can see why companies would want to use this program for their employees because of the functional aspect of the video...Overall, it was great and it helped to see the exercises performed individually. Keep up the fun work.  In Health,  Birgitt Haderlein-Houston, TX (Wellcoach/Trainer, ToFitYou.Com)

  • The RJ Dynamic Warm-Up has been great and has saved me significant money!  I started it in Sept 2006 and do it at least 7 days a week. Before the Ron's warm up: my back and hips hurt to the point that I slept poorly at night. I could never get comfortable and was awake with pain. In addition, I really had a hard time playing sports - it wasn't fun due to the pain. At that time, my solution was a new mattress and my Dr. wanted to send me to physical therapy. I worked with Ron Jones in 9/06 and he offered his Dynamic Warm-Up (yeah, just another fad I thought). As I kept with the warm-up everyday, my pain has subsided. I can sleep well and play sports. Also, you guessed it, I saved money by not buying a new mattress!  Joe Nahama, California

  • I have been using your Dynamic Warm-Up personally and with the Southern California Thousand Oaks High School Cross Country team daily for a couple of months now. It is an integral part of our program. The TOHS Girls Cross Country team recently won the California Division I State Championships. The girls included the Dynamic Warm-Up one hour before race time at Woodward Park in Fresno. Coming into the meet, we were ranked #5 and taking on the top ranked team, Buchanan of Fresno, on their home course. Our girls performed well and easily captured the State title. Thank you very much for your work, which I believe contributed to our championship season. Now that I am moving onto to coaching at Pepperdine University, I intend to add your Dynamic Warm-Ups. And, I can assure you the entire Track & Field team at Thousand Oaks High School will be doing your Dynamic Warm-Up prior to practice each day this spring.  Robert Radnoti-Malibu, CA (Head XC Coach, Pepperdine University)

  • At the Wellcoaches' Summit in April, 2006, I not only had the privilege of speaking on relational flow and emotional intelligence, I also had the privilege of meeting Ron Jones, an American College of Sports Medicine Health/Fitness Instructor with a Masters Degree in Kinesiology/Sport & Exercise Psychology. Ron was a delight to meet, not only as a person but also as a resource on stretching.  I have written before about the importance of dynamic rather than static stretching.  We risk injury when we settle into a position and then hold a stretch for an extended period of time, especially if we reach beyond the flexibility and elasticity of the muscle. That's just not how our bodies are meant to stretch. Our bodies are designed to move, and dynamic stretches which flow smoothly from one position to another, without jerking or overreaching, are a far better way to go.  To that end, Ron has developed a Dynamic Warm-Up that takes people through ten movements in about five minutes time. These movements are more like gentle calisthenics than stretches, but they serve both purposes. They elevate the heart rate, warm up the body, and stretch the muscles all at the same time.  You can review the ten movements, download a descriptive guide, and purchase a demonstration video by going to Ron's website.  They include spinal rotation, calf stretches, squats, back extensions, lunges, and shoulder retraction. In every instance, they encourage us to keep our backs straight (especially important for those who hunch over a computer all day).

    One thing I like about Ron's Dynamic Warm-Up is that the movements can be done in tight quarters and in street clothes. A small office or hallway is all you would need. That makes it possible for people to practice the routine several times a day, regardless of location. In little more than five minutes, you can be well on your way to feeling better.  For those who exercise regularly, this is a great five-minute warm up. For both aerobic exercise and strength training, the Dynamic Warm-Up gets the body ready for action. As one person reports, "Because of the Dynamic Warm-Up, my workout regimen has completely changed and is now based on the movement and balance principles that you have taught. I can feel and see a positive difference in my physical fitness. With these new exercises, I am also able to do more of my workout time at home with my family participating in some of the exercises too."  Coaching Inquiries: Would you like to feel better? Do you have about five minutes a day for exercise? How and where could you find that time at the start of the day? Is there time for an exercise break in the middle of the day? What possibilities exist at the end of the day? How could you best incorporate simple calisthenics and dynamic stretches into your daily routine? What changes would you have to make? Who could do them with you?  Bob Tschannen-Moran--Williamsburg, VA (President, LifeTrek Coaching International)

  • Starting everyday with the dynamic warm-up at the Ventura Unit seems to have fostered more dialog and teamwork between the staff and hourly folks at the Unit.  It seems that during these 5 minutes a day we are on a level playing field and perhaps see each other more as teammates rather than separate groups with different agendas.  Personally, my workout regimen has completely changed and is now based on the movement and balance principles that you have taught.  I can feel and see a positive difference in my physical fitness.  With these new exercises, I am also able to do more of my workout time at home with my family participating in some of the exercises too. Al Mueller-Ventura, CA (Manager of Operations, Aera Energy)

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