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"ALL body movements start in your core--so should your physical training!"

Partner Inverted Push Ups
BC Renegades in partner inverted push ups

“Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.”
     --Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Exercise Figure Player/Coach Testimonials & Comments Thanks! Thanks Gades!

Exercise Figure Post-Program Survey Results

Exercise Figure Introduction:  No matter how your body moves--it starts in your core.  Your "core" is your trunk or mid-section from waist to chest  all the way around--front, sides, and back.  Your coaches have asked me to help with pre-season core conditioning because increased core development will improve ALL your movements!  This is called "Functional Training" which is fitness you can use!

Optimal movement is a balance of stability (ability to control motion) and mobility (freedom of movement around a joint or body segment).  "Balance" is the key.  If you have too much stability and over-powering strength--you sacrifice mobility.  If you have excessive mobility without stability--you can't control your movements.  We are working on both by strengthening your core and opening up your joints with mobility exercises that also challenge your core muscles.  When you balance core stability and joint mobility--you move better, waste less energy, and move faster!

NOTE! If you are another football team looking over this program great, but do NOT assume that you can start in from the get go at random without professional instruction!  I am personally teaching these exercises, safety, technique, proper load intensity/progression, and the mental skills needed for success in this program over the course of weeks.  Most of what we do is not even on this page.  These examples are to assist players that have worked directly with me or others that are working with an equivalent professional fitness conditioning specialist.  If you would like me to work with your team for a day, a week, or a month, please contact me for arrangements.
Ron Jones, MS

"Intensity reveals weakness."
--Steve Ilg, Fitness Guru

Exercise Figure Weekly Comments & Training Tips: Check out my weekly summaries and tips for how you guys are doing and what we will be doing in the days to come.

Exercise Figure Questions & Answers: Some of you have had great questions that shows me you are "thinking" about your training. Click link to see what your teammates have been asking.

Exercise Figure Core/Mobility/Strength Photos (See the list of my "body weight" exercises + directions)

Exercise Figure CORE Conditioning Intro Program

Exercise Figure Movement Prep Exercises: These are the foundation of our program.  Through movement, they challenge your core to get strong while challenging your joints to open up with more functional mobility.  Many "strong" football players have a weak core and restricted mobility in hips, back, and shoulders which means they can't move efficiently.  It is important that you work on improving core and mobility daily so you can move better! This program is correcting basic movement patterns--which will then allow you to perform better in the weight room and on the football field.  The Movement Prep is designed as an active warm-up.  Do them "before" you workout.  At first they will be a workout!  After you master them, they will just be a warm-up that prepares you to move better in your other activities.

Exercise Figure Functional Training: If you would like to learn more about "functional training" and core exercises, please visit this section on my website for handouts, graphics, links, and resources by clicking on the preceding title.

Exercise Figure Functional Training Equipment: Some of you have asked about where to buy some of the things that I'm bringing out.  These are my links for purchasing equipment:

Exercise Figure Player-Requested Handouts:

Exercise Figure "Homework" Articles--Read & Improve:

Exercise Figure Book Recommendations for "High-Performance" Training: (These are the references I use)

"What was hard to do is sweet to remember."

Exercise Figure Matrix Programs:

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