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"Just want to say I sure enjoy your website and the Health e-Tips. 
It is great to finally hear someone tell of our current health issues
in the US with honesty and boldness."
--David Montgomery, High School PE/Yoga Teacher
X-Country & Track Coach

Ron Jones became deeply involved in our spring and summer conditioning programs in 2004. Since the inception of Ron's training philosophy, I have seen our players grow physically fitter and mentally tougher. Each year we have seen a progression of fitter and tougher football players at BC. I cannot say enough to you about the correlation of our success and Ron's training program. I like the idea that most of what Ron incorporates into his training philosophy does not require any special equipment—basically, all you need is your athletes and his plan!!  Ron has been most definitely a big part of Renegade football and our success over the last four years. 

Jeff Chudy
Head Football Coach
*Jeff is the 2007 Community College Coach of the Year.  Read my other College Football Coaching Testimonials.

Over a Decade of Moving America Well!

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