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 Muscle Beach History

"The Modern American Fitness Revolution"
Santa Monica, CA (Circa 1934-1959)

Muscle Beach Pyramid

In time the sea may wash it all away, for nothing is ever here to stay. 
But to lives that were changed as for new goals they did reach,
    --Glenn Sundby, Muscle Beach Pioneer

I have been researching and interviewing key personalities of the Muscle Beach era of modern American fitness.  So far I have interviewed Jack La Lanne and Glenn Sundby.  As I get more information and have the time, I'll be adding to this section.  Why?  Because we can still learn today from the magic of Muscle Beach.  The magic of enjoying human movement for the sake of movement...the magic of the aesthetics of human movement...and the sheer joy of just moving freely without restriction.  For generations people have enjoyed Muscle Beach and what it stood for--today is no exception.  There has been an increased interest in the historical aspects of Muscle Beach, who was there, why they did it, and what they took with them throughout their lives.  One thing is for sure--the magic of Muscle Beach followed these American fitness pioneers around their whole lives.  Muscle Beach was a blessing in their lives--a place where they formed life-long friendships and a place that still lives in the hearts of those that were there. Additionally, the magic lives in people like me that appreciate and cherish the fitness pioneers that came before and spent lifetimes promoting health and fitness in America and throughout the world. 

To all those from the Muscle Beach era--thanks for the memories and your fitness passion...let's keep it going!

Get Fit. Be Strong.
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  • Access to Muscle Beach memorabilia and merchandise is being discussed by founders of Muscle Beach.  They used to have Muscle Beach calendars available.  There is also some initial interest to create a Muscle Beach Museum in Santa Monica near the original site of Muscle Beach.  There is NO current location that contains historical artifacts, photographs, movie clips, etc. of Muscle Beach.  Ironically, there is also NO website dedicated to Muscle Beach history as far as I know.  I have tried to do at least a small amount here to let know about this great part of fitness history and to encourage others to preserve the memories so we can all continue to learn from the masters.  The current surviving artifacts are scattered about the country with the remaining survivors of  this era.  It would be nice, honorable, and most appropriate, to construct of museum where all of these treasures of American Fitness could be displayed for people around the world.  SAVE MUSCLE BEACH HISTORY!  It is too important to forget...

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