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Ron Jones: Personal Training
Atlanta-Los Angeles

Ron & Cindy @ 2004 Danskin Triathlon
Ron Jones with Triathlete Client Cindy Wilson
@ 2004 Danskin Women's Triathlon
Los Angeles, CA

 Update: Due to my corporate schedule, I am no longer available for personal training. 

I am a Health/Fitness Instructor, fitness trainer, and corporate Wellcoach.  I also perform Health/Fitness Consulting for individuals, organizations, schools, or businesses. 

People that train with me move better with less pain and higher efficiency.

Been on the couch a while?  No problem--let's get busy!  Been specializing in your sport too long and lost control of functional movements and experiencing mental burnout?  Do you have too many aches and pains that stop you from doing activities you enjoy?

No problem--let's restore the function you've lost and learn how to have fun again!

It's your body and your health, and you are worth the investment!

Ron Jones recommends PerformBetter.Com Fitness Equipment
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Exercise Figure Testimonials

Exercise Figure "Fitness Play" (Small Group Training for Overweight/Obese Children)

Exercise Figure Mental Skill Training (Coaches, Parents, Youth)

Exercise Figure Football Pre-Season Conditioning (Core Stability/Joint Mobility) NEW!

Exercise Figure Nutrition Consultation

Exercise Figure Seniors

Exercise Figure Shape Up Class (Atlanta)

Exercise Figure Small Group

Exercise Figure Special Populations

Exercise Figure See My Home Gym

(Must be completed & evaluated before physical training begins)

(To be completed as directed if applicable)

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